Wear with Respect

toeSome days just seem to evolve into hours of un-expected chaos where we consider holding the minute hands still so we can gather thoughts and make sure tasks are completed, appointments kept, and stay one or two steps ahead of the next item on our day’s agenda. I’ve concluded it must be the alignment of the sun, moon, and stars that open the hatches of topsy-turvy days.

In attempting to carry on a meaningful conversation with a dear client, I found my cell phone ringing more than normal for a Saturday morning. I would have ignored the phone, but my considerate client insisted I take the calls. In discovering one of my signal lights out, I quickly went looking for an auto parts store to purchase a bulb. Oh Mercy! I can say there are some men who consider standing at the counter of an auto parts store to be their chat bar where they have to carry on with such useless man-gossip while knowing full well there are others waiting to be served. I can’t be more certain that some men are equally bad about idle gossip as are their female counterparts.

Someone I hadn’t spoken with in at least 15 years called while I was getting ready for an appointment asking if she could use my fax machine because she needed something important faxed this morning. I told her if she would come to my office right away, I would send the fax. To my surprise there were at least 25 pages to be faxed. It wasn’t so much an inconvenience other than my having to listen to her non-stop prattle of which most was gossip. I was so happy to find the last page sent and waiving her on her way as I made an exit to my appointment.

Just as my late appointment was ending and driving back to the office with a customer, the gentleman commented while watching a group of women walking into a restaurant, “Why is it we don’t see women walking around in skirts anymore?” I replied, “Yes, there is quite the popular fad now with women not wearing skirts, but rather very tight above, and below the waist clothing.” He made me laugh when he said, “Oh if some women only knew what they looked like wearing such tight stretch pants where every roll and ripple is visible including their embarrassing camel toes.” A little raw with the words I thought, but quite true. I told him how I’m somewhat uncomfortable around people who wear their clothes exceptionally close. I don’t know where to look sometimes when speaking with people dressed in such a fashion. I sat in a restaurant some weeks ago with an elderly client and just in passing, I noticed a teenage girl, a middle aged woman, and even a senior lady wearing leg-ins without a sweater or top long enough to cover their “terra incognitas”.

I thought at the time, “I wonder what I would look like if I wore my thin and stretchy navy blue long johns in public.” I could wear a tight at the waist white sweater, wide belt, black riding boots, and maybe a felt derby hat. That would be the day I would be ready for shipment to the funny farm. I did tell the gentleman as we arrived at the office how I’m still hoping that this new form of dressing in public is not the by-product, as well as the effect of the “look at me” generation. Those companies selling leg-ins should have in bold writing on the packages, “Caution: Wear with Respect”, because everyone else will be noticing.

Joe Chodur

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