T’was Before the Night Before Christmas

Twas-Before-the-Night-Before-ChristmasSometimes it seems that time races so quickly that we find actual days missing and saying to ourselves as I did today, “Where did Monday go?” Much of it has to do with Christmas being so close and knowing we simply haven’t done as much as we would have liked before its arrival. I wasn’t very happy with myself for waiting until today to go out on my search for a capon. I’m not quite sure why many of the grocery stores don’t sell them because I believe when cooked properly, they are far more tasty than a turkey or ham. I finally found one at the East Hy-Vee and not to my surprise, I see the price of them is higher than last year’s. For a little over 10 pound capon, the price was nearly $50.00. But, as I’ve always said, if it is something one wants bad enough, then buy it. I normally wouldn’t be purchasing one for myself, but I’m having a small group of family members for Christmas dinner and thought it best to serve what I know they will like. Since one of the young gentlemen in a meat department of a grocer didn’t even know what I was talking about and had to go as the manager, I would suggest all readers to go to Wikipedia and type in “capon”. The history of creating a capon from a rooster goes back to the times of the Roman Republic as well as ancient China.

Arriving home late due to an extended appointment along with the late shopping, I’ve decided that I can do only what’s possible in this short time frame left before Christmas Day arrives. I do try to not become stressed over such things anymore because these are days meant to simply enjoy the company of family and friends. Who really cares if some small intention was not carried out, or we didn’t get all the greetings out to everyone intended. One of my dear clients who is nearing retirement spends many hours during the week before Christmas doing charity work for different non-profit organizations with their Christmas Fund drives. She believes pro-bono work gives her more satisfaction than any of the most expensive Christmas gifts she receives. It’s unfortunate more people who have that “something’s missing” feeling over the holidays don’t look at doing more charity work during these days. It could possibly fill a void that was likely created in knowing deep down that most of us have far more material possessions than much of the world. I’m going to step out of my box tomorrow and make several stops at a nursing home and deliver some heart-felt gifts to some people whom I know will appreciate my small acts of kindness. Smiling eyes of little old ladies can sometimes melt even the hardest of hearts. These are just a few thoughts on an evening to be remembered as T’was Before the Night Before Christmas. Sounds like the makings of a new Christmas movie.

Joe Chodur

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