Allow your Conscience to Vote

SEA_2346After fielding seemingly endless political calls both at the office and home as well as the growing number of political yard signs sprouting more on a daily basis, I will say without a doubt, that I’ll be glad to see the first Tuesday in November come and go. I’ve indeed grown tired of the partisan attitudes of many who believe their political party’s the one and only worth voting for in the general election.

Having been silent most of the time about politics due to my profession, I can say that all these years I have never voted the party but rather for the person running. There are extremely liberal as well as ultra conservatives in both parties of which leads me to wonder why one party is considered being basically conservative while the other liberal. My take on this these past years is how certain candidates make themselves as electable as possible and reach out to as many of the cross-cut of voters within their districts. Getting out the vote seems to be the real push no matter what has to be done to make it happen. Say whatever is needed said and offer every assistance for voters to get to their polling stations because every vote counts. Their actions seem frenzied and maniacal.

I will say that in years past, more of the general public paid closer attention to the voting habits of their elected officials as well as any indiscretions they were a part of while in office. Abuse of power including favoritism and cronyism really must stop as well as the excessive partisanship that is running rampant in nearly every level of our government. It lives in our city, county, district, State, as well as National political arenas.

Long ago I used to think many of the religions denominations were far too closed with their beliefs as to whom they considered being on the right path. Most of the main-line religions have gotten over it and moved on with the understanding that people are people and there are good people and bad people in every denomination as well as world religions. That’s what I believe our politicians must do to get good and lasting legislation done. There are good politicians and bad politicians in all parties and once everyone becomes color blind to party affiliations, then everyone will get down to the business of fixing many of the lingering problems our country is facing each and every day. Problems don’t fix themselves and they don’t go away and often become bigger due to being shelved in a closet where they have freedom to grow even larger and more difficult to solve.

My advice to each and every soulful and understanding voter is to go to the polls and vote as selflessly as possible. It’s almost spiritual in that when we’re faced with difficult choices about how we believe our government should be run, we deliberate much, and then find ourselves left with only one option, and that’s to choose and choose wisely. It’s a communion of sorts; our minds do all the sorting out but in a genuine state of selflessness, our consciences make the decisions for us.

Joe Chodur

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