Rubber Necks

Rubber-NecksEver since I can remember I found there to be certain people who seem to make every one else’s business their own. Some go to the extent of driving out of their way to get a look at someone or something that they seem to be overly curious about.

We even have them in our families as well as our workplaces. The peeking around corners and bending ears closer to get a better glimpse of what’s going on as well as catching a few words that would make the juiciest of gossip.  Believe it or not, there are even Realtors who seem to spend far too much time at the “water cooler” in trading tidbits of what I consider useless information.

I shake my head at the whole business of learning as much about peoples personal lives that has absolutely no value to society as a whole. Since we are approaching the election time I can say there’s certainly something odd about the great deal of the mudslinging that takes place. The candidates don’t seem to want to focus on the real issues as well as their political ideologies. They seem to dig deeply into each other’s personal lives to the point of being ludicrous. In Europe, most people could care less where their politicians eat or sleep as well as who they’ve been seen with while having lunch. I believe many of the truly capable people out there that would do a fantastic job in an elected office are simply fearful of running simply because their entire lives are placed under their opponents microscopes.

Today I was working at the office a number of hours and happened to notice several people drive by who seem to find personal excuses to have a good look while driving by a bit more slowly. I make a point not to pay any attention as attention draws more attention. I feel a bit sorry for the wife of a couple who’ve been customers of mine in the past. Her husband is actively out driving around taking everything in and returns home to give a play by play report of what he’s seen. I would likely be ready to go crazy listening to that day in and day out. I know she doesn’t like it and must have learned long ago to tune him out whenever he arrives home and starts in with his gibberish.

Some years ago I had a home listed for an elderly couple who were moving to a smaller home they’d purchased. The Mrs. wanted a public open house so I agreed and while I was there, I would say she drove past the house at least ten times looking to see who was parked outside and who was coming and going from their home. I did finally get the home sold but during those months I barely had much to say other than the basics due to her controlling the conversation with gossip about anyone and everyone. I didn’t have much respect for her some years later after I happened to overhear a conversation she was having with a funeral director about a dear sweet old lady whose funeral we happened to be in attendance. I couldn’t believe my ears upon hearing her speak about the decedent’s habits of partying when she was young as well as her supposed excessive imbibing of alcohol. I could only imagine what was going through the mind of that funeral director. We all know that playing with cell phones while driving causes accidents but I think there are those caused by rubber necks as well. Be aware of the rubber necks out there!

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