Crazy, Crazier, and Craziest

moonI am convinced that the full moon of this past week along with the lunar eclipse caused me to have experiences that left me with a few jaw-drop moments of sheer disbelief. I couldn’t agree more when someone said today that there are times when he feels someone put a sign on his back with the words, “I’m a magnet for people with issues.” It started last Friday with multiple calls on a home that clearly has a sold sign on it and yet people were challenging me that it wasn’t sold. I’m sure one of them was sitting outside the home in her car calling me from her cell phone. I’m thinking to myself after hanging up the phone, “Do people think I randomly place sold signs on homes that really aren’t sold just for the fun of it?

I happened to be at a property that I sold this past week waiting for an inspector to arrive and one of the neighbors must have been having a bad hair day because I endured a bit of verbal abuse from this person while picking up the family’s mail. I’d never met this person before nor had any contact in the years I’ve been selling homes. I drove back to the office thinking, “Wow. I’m glad I’m not going to be living next door to that family.” I guess I encountered that one in thirty people who automatically don’t like you for whatever reason.

I was a bit busier showing rental properties these past several days and came to the conclusion that no matter how clean and maintenance free the property is, there always seems to be something about the unit that is not at a100% standard with the prospective tenants while viewing, but when they call back some days later and want to rent it, they are exceedingly disappointed that it was rented to someone else. Evidently they entered the realm of reality after seeing other housing units available.

Once in a great while I will get a call from another agent asking a question or an explanation of something having to do with one of my listings. I spent likely 20 minutes explaining in detail how something works and believe it or not, I got a near complete up-side down affirmation of what I said. I’m thinking to myself while on the phone, “Was I speaking in gibberish because I couldn’t have made it more clear.” I was simply forced to do nothing more than explain it all over again in a very detailed fashion.

I would likely say the frosting on the cake of the week was when someone was calling on a property from certainly a cell phone while seemingly having lunch. Dual conversations can indeed be a bit annoying when on the receiving end. For a split second I thought he was talking to me when he hollered, “And bring me some more of that barbecue sauce!”

I considered for a moment in time to be a new recruit in delivering BBQ sauce.
Yes, I’m blaming it all on the affect of the lunar movements on humans because this week was indeed filled with crazy, crazier, and some of the craziest happenings.

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