Onward and Upward

SEA_2598Today, my morning began with the usual early preparations for another Monday. I can understand why some businesses are not open on Monday due to the weekend business activity. It seems there’s a great number of decisions made in households over the weekend which prompts people to call on Monday.

I received a call from a client asking if I would help move a few articles out of a home that is closing soon. I agreed, and met her at the property about ½ hour later. The home had been neglected for more years than it should have, so I found myself listening to the should have, would have, and could have been done, with this or that in the past. We all tend to look to the past a bit much sometimes; especially when it has to do with something negative. I would be the first to place the blame on myself sometimes when in low ebb moments. I do try to turn the negativity into some sort of positive light in the conversation. We all know hindsight has 20/20 vision, but to keep that given day in perspective, we must consider that each day is special as well as unique to every day that has passed. For the most part, we should remember instances in the past as a tool in helping us make choices that affect us in the here, now, and going forward into the future.

I have a dear relative who sometimes gets a bit on my nerves due to his fussing and vocalizing about possible worse case scenarios of things going on in and around his circle of friends and relatives. I sometimes don’t even want to talk to him for fear he will start telling me some possibility that I wouldn’t even have considered happening. The laws of probability are still intact even if we believe we are continually being followed by an imaginary dark cloud. Looking for a bad thing to happen, does sometimes happen simply because we dwell on the bad too much; or possibly even encourage the bad things to manifest themselves due to the continued attention.

One of my light-minded clients is very much a realist yet he continues to look to the bright side of life’s journey. When he says, “Onward and Upward”, he truly means it. When looking too much into the dark puddles of the past, it’s best we turn away and tell ourselves, “Onward and Upward.”

Joe Chodur

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