Sometimes the light shines Out

windowI had a meeting today with a family who is preparing to sell the home their parents owned for a number of years. There have been times over the years I have experienced as I did today, the sense of the home having been a sanctuary for those who lived there. It wasn’t so much the style or furniture or even the windows, but rather just the “feel” of the home. I remember long ago listing and selling a home for a dear elderly lady whose home was as I speak. She was very well read, had walls filled with books on nearly every subject, her furniture was expensive yet not ostentatious.

Everything in the home had a purpose for its placement. Having become well acquainted with her, I found her a real woman of the earth. She would today be considered a dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist. She passed along books for me to read that I had never even heard of and enjoyed each one of them. She spoke of her life as a journey and never seemed to talk about any times that were hard. Because of her age, her daughter who was equally a woman of the earth, managed to get her mother to agree to move to the city where she lived which was in a much more moderate temperature zone. There are times even now when I think of her. I have come to the conclusion that with most homes the sun radiates inward, but there are those few where there is an outward radiation of sunshine.

Sunshine in a sense that those living there are radiating goodness. So whenever you drive past a home, see if you can any “light” shining outward. You may manage to catch a glimpse of yet another sanctuary.

Joe Chodur

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