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1243 - 460th St_artLate last week I listed a farm in Worth County which as far as I’m concerned is the absolute best dual purpose site I have seen in a very long time. It’s only about a 20 minute drive from Mason City and the most delightful thing about the location is that you will have only about 1/8 mile of gravel to the driveway and all the rest is easy hard surface driving. The site consists of 83 acres and has approximately 60 acres of farmland and the remainder is old growth timber. The portion of timber is quite far from the public road which offers even more seclusion for personal recreation. There is the most wonderful cabin located in the woods as well as a sauna hut and outside fireplace. In walking the woods I glimpsed wild turkeys and deer. It seems more of late I am reading about people who at a young age have made millions and now have decided to make sweeping lifestyle changes by selling out their businesses and homes to find somewhere they can get back to a quieter and simpler life. I can envision this in my mind as well as a not-for-profit foundation purchasing it and building out a center for alternative health. There would be organic vegetable gardens and greenhouses along with plots growing a multitude of herbs for their medicinal properties. The owner said that at one time there was a small natural lake on the property that was drained. Well, the first thing I would do is fill in the drainage ditch and allow it to return to its natural state. Can you imagine the waterfowl that would return to nest? When I first visited the property I was quite taken by the views of the countryside as well as my personal experience of my surroundings in the old growth forest. I could actually “hear” the silence. It was indeed moving. I’ve always said I wouldn’t purchase a vacation property unless it was on a body of water. Well, I’ve changed my mind. I could actually give up a body of water for the sacred silence of the forest on this property. I know this property will sell due to its ability to be of a mixed use, but I hope and pray that purchaser is someone who will have vision as well the frame of mind of being a steward of the land. Long before stewardship became a household word, some of the old ones in my family knew full well that if we take care and nurture our land, it will in good times and bad, it take care of us.

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1243 – 460th St, Northwood IA , 50459

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