The Path to Sold

PathRunning a bit late today, I went out to place a SOLD sign on one of my listings that will soon be closing. While driving across town, I began to reminisce. I started thinking about my first meeting with the seller and how very interesting he and his wife were. We spoke about the house, the market, and things that we agreed needed to be removed from the home prior to listing. There were several meetings with them prior getting the home on the market as there were additional details that needed to be worked out as far as having some basement furniture removed. As weeks passed, my seller would stop by the office usually about twice a month and get an update on what was happening in the real estate market. The more I became acquainted with him, the more genuine and truly caring a man I found him to be. I will never forget his disbelief in me telling him that I managed to get the steamer trunk out of the garage attic all by myself. He and his family couldn’t seem to figure out a way to get it down. I told him I just took my time in figuring out how it must have got up those steps in the first place. I knew that if it went up that ladder, then it would come down that ladder.

On the other side of the transaction, I consider myself fortunate to have come to know the buyer and the buyer’s family. I can’t describe them any better than truly genuine and caring individuals. I started working with them some months ago and as we became more acquainted, we spoke more soulfully with each other. The buyers would at times apologize for thinking they were imposing on me too much. On the contrary, I found them extremely easy to work with as well as a delight to exchange life stories. I believe if agents would really make time to get to know their buyers, step out of themselves, truly pay attention to where the buyers are in their lives as well as their core wants and needs, we would have far happier home purchasers. Sometimes during the process of selling and purchasing, there must be more value added time spent, so in the end, the path to SOLD is indeed worth it!

Joe Chodur

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