The Three Graces

GracesI was at several meetings within the past twenty four hours which both had a large number of people in attendance. As I have mentioned before, I do work being the perfect gentleman as well as a bit on the charming side when needed. What I have found so terribly common of late are people who attend gatherings that appear as though they just came in from the barn. Men and women who work exceeding hard at dressing as though they were 20 or 30 years younger than they really are, I find annoying. I used to make this assessment of a charming older home that someone tried to modernize in the wrong way. My canned response has normally been, “It looks like they tried to take an old lady and put a mini skirt on her along with leather boots and a blond Barbie Doll wig” I was mortified when I watched a woman who is likely my age or older walking into a meeting with apparel that almost created a jaw drop in truly the wrong way. Men are equally as bad. Why would any man want to wear designer crotch drop jeans and a pullover that was exposing far too much of his chest hair. That’s all I could think of when I looked at him was, “Hmmm…I wonder how long ago he sheared himself?” I know I may sound a bit naughty, but really, do we have to go to such lengths to be someone we are not? I was working with a gentleman today who is hopefully going to move to Mason City from an area quite far from here. He was surprised as well as delighted to find Mason City much cleaner and well maintained than the city near him. I told him that I have been reticent for too many years, but these past several years I’ve become more vocal with our City’s Administration and I want to continue to raise the bar. On the more positive side, I made time to speak with two delightful people who were in attendance of each of those meetings. I found two men and women from those meetings and I assure you that within their cores you will find the three graces, and they are; charm, beauty, and creativity. I do hope one of these gentlemen doesn’t read this article because I know he will recognize the one of whom I speak. I was walking out of the meet and noticed that he was wearing a very well made wool blazer. I stepped out of my box and reached over and felt his lapel and said, “Hmm….Such very well constructed wool you are wearing.” His only reply was, “I knew you would notice.” He was but one of the Three Graces that I encountered these past 24 hours.

Joe Chodur

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