Staying ahead of the Chill

DSC_3283-EditMy heart goes out to everyone during these dark and cold days in Mason City and North Iowa.
I saw workers outside early this morning bracing the below zero temperatures and wished only for them to be warm and safe. So many months ago one, I encouraged several people who are of the powers that be, to really “look” at the state of our downtown. I was surprised to get a call from one of them to say how much what I said was true. Well, we all find ourselves in a sort of standardized way of going about our daily lives. We wake up at the same time, we go to work on the same paths, and return the those similar roads to our familiar settings. So long ago, one of my clients told me that I was so predictable, that likely there could be a clock set by my actions. He thought he was giving me a compliment but in fact it was a wake up call. After his observation, I decided that I would look for every opportunity to travel different roads, look at every situation from different angles, and most certainly work to place myself in everyone’s situation. Even within our families; we find parents, siblings and children expecting us to do everything as we have been doing because we are “hard coded”. The secret is–we are not. I finished some work with a very dear person several weeks ago who made a comment to me about the process of selling a home. My greatest “Thank You” from that client was speaking about how seamless his transaction was. My nearly canned response has been to almost everyone whom I have done business with is; “The best surprise, is no surprise.” I received a call from a mortgage broker today asking questions about a client of mine. We somehow moved into the subject of how the general public’s expectancies are increasing. I told him that I do all I can but when I find someone is attempting to use me in a dark way, I simply walk away. He laughed a nervous laugh when I said, “When you approach a transaction that you think doesn’t “feel” right, then by the end it will be stinking. In these days of cold and darkness, I wish for everyone to be warm and comfortable and indeed stay one step ahead of winter’s chill.

Joe Chodur

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