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SEA_1398I was at a gathering today that reminded me of how much I feign delight at times when being in the midst of people in social gatherings. A very dear friend of mine suffers from the same symptoms when at functions where there are a large number of people. We had an extended conversation about this very thing not so many weeks ago. I was surprised that she shared many similar beliefs in that when thrown in the midst of people who have different motives for attending functions, we find ourselves left with the feeling that many of whom we encounter, appear to be only going through the motions of social pleasantries. Tonight I was also reminded that there are many who don’t like being teased in a light-hearted way. In jest, I reminded someone of something he did some years ago, and didn’t even make an attempt to apologize for wasting many countless hours of my time. A light reminder to him of his selfish behavior caused a quick response of, “When are you ever going to get over it!” It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t realize I’ve been over it for years. The reason I only speak of this in rare occasions when I see him, is to hopefully get him to raise the bar on his social behavior. The most horrible understanding that we must all, at one time in our lives or another, is to conclude that we are not the center of the universe. My most memorable time at the gathering today was being given an opportunity to have a conversation of souls with one of the attendees. I have know her since she was a teenager and have watched her grow into a true woman of substance. I only hope her husband appreciates how fortunate he is to have a wife as intelligent as well as grounded as she is. I think she will be even more of a gift to the world when her mother stops over-shadowing her. With that said, I think I will force myself to attend more social gathering for but one reason; to encounter other kindred spirits. I know the social media encourages finding people with similar likes and dis-likes. This is not the way it works! We all must take an active step at looking for, and creating circles of genuine friends whose cores are filled with a self-less desire to create harmony within that very circle they have created.

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