The Forgotten Benefits of Cursive

The_Forgotten_Benefits_of_CursiveWith the advent of word processors and computers as well as the new age cell phones, we are finding our world moving more and more away from cursive handwriting. Everyone has come to believe that cursive is just too time consuming as well as not having a proper standard “form” for ease of reading. I have never been a purist in wanting everything to be the same as it was for so many years before, but there are times when it is good to have a blending of the old and new. Yes, in our fast paced world of technology, taking the time to write in cursive form can be slowing. I’m working with a customer now who is thirty something who mentioned that writing in the cursive form is nearly non-existent. I have to smile to myself when finding people of the younger age attempting to write long hand. Whenever I give applications for tenancy to prospective tenants, I find that nearly all of them, when filling out the application, print instead of write. What is even more interesting, is when someone reads something written in cursive, one seems to get a glimpse of that person’s personality. Actually, I attempt to do as much of my correspondence with clients and customers in the cursive form. Yes, most of it is already auto-filled by the computer but even taking the time to address envelopes is personally rewarding.

And finally, taking the time to actually pen in hand something to another, gives one time to “think” about what is being written. Perhaps we should all do it more, because more times lately, I read e-mails that are a bit fractured and hard to understand. We really should pay more attention to what we read as well as write. Indeed there are benefits in taking time to write cursive.

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