Cursed Earth

It’s always been an interesting observation for me over the years when I have found that there are properties here in North Iowa and likely all over the United States that seem to have gone through foreclosure more that once, twice, and even three times. Also, there are those homes where divorces seem to occur often with the families that live in them. I can think just off the top of my head several in Mason City that would fit the bill. I think back so many years ago a little home that I used to drive by often and began to notice how the house changed occupants regularly and the yard and driveway seemed to be more like a dumping ground. Whenever I would see the occupants outside, they seemed to be in some sort of angry mood. One time when it was vacant, I saw someone working there so I stopped on a curious note. I went up to the guy and asked if he was getting ready to sell it, and he said, “No, he was just there to clean it up again for the owner.” He went on to tell me that he had to bomb the house three times because the home was so terribly infested with fleas. My heart just sank because I remember the previous tenant having small children. I can’t imagine what those poor kids had to endure while living in that house. Several days ago I showed a foreclosed property and I was appalled to find the property in even a more dis-functional state than what it was the last time I was in it likely 20 years ago. Sometimes I think the houses themselves just want to return to the earth after so much pain and abuse. It would be interesting to find if someone has done any research on what I consider poisoned or cursed earth.

Joe Chodur

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