Kernels of Comfort

just-a-drop-of-nectarIf every person on this earth would just set aside perhaps 15 or 20 minutes a day without any distractions such as cell phones, music, internet, or anything that has to do with machines or man made items, then I believe our world would truly be a better place.

Even with my hectic days, I attempt to take 15 or 20 minutes to just “shut down” and take a few moments to watch the natural world in motion.  I discovered years ago that if you really look for beauty, you will find it everywhere.  In an office I worked at over 20 years ago, there was an old brick building behind the office that when the light would strike it at just the right angle, there were hues of terra cotta and shadows cast from bricks that had endured likely 100 years of exposure to the elements.

If one would pay special attention to how tree branches form and flowers grow, you will notice how the branches and leaves of plants are in constant competition for light from the sun.
Distressed wood is as well intriguing.  Original wood floors of very old buildings have signatures of previous owners and the marks they have left.  I went out to preview a property yesterday and was absolutely amazed at the size of the tree the owner had in the front yard.  Twisted with age, the elderly trunk and main branches spoke of some of the pain the tree endured for likely well over 200 years.

When I had my camera with me yesterday, I just happened to notice yet another wonderment of nature.

The photo above is of a Humming Bird harvesting nectar.  I hope you find this a kernel of comfort as delightful as I did.

Joe Chodur

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