Follow your Instincts

Follow-your-InstinctsThere is never but perhaps a week that goes by where someone is telling me about a bad choice they made when a decision was needed having to do with either something they were buying or something they were selling. I let them know that it was unfortunate as well as they were not alone in having something like that happen. I am glad to find that there are now consumer ratings on some of the large corporations in the world and they do get published. I have had my own personal experiences with large corporations in getting something done about a problem that they had created. Salespeople for these companies when they have you on the phone or across the counter from them make their companies sound like they are the best thing since the invention of the wheel. I smile to myself whenever someone in sales gets in my face and starts pushing. More than once I have calmly and quietly told them that if they don’t stop pestering me and leave me to investigate their products and or services, I will walk away faster than I walked in. Talk is cheap but actions speak. I have scolded more than one person for attempting to create a scenario that wasn’t real. One of the first things I told my new sales agent Brandon Neve is that he must always tell the truth even if it is painful. I would rather have a bank of loyal and faithful repeat customers than attempting to be all things to all people. It doesn’t exist. I spoke to a client today whose family I have done business with for over 30 years and asked him to do some repairs on a home he has listed. His response to me was, “It will get done because you’ve always known what’s best.” No fighting, no arguing, no hidden agenda, but simply wanting the best.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Following your instincts and doing what is best for the client and customer should always without exception be the rule.

Joe Chodur

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