The True Mindset of Community

mason city ia skyI have lately been comparing what used to be and what is now. Many things are better now as far as health care, information technology, and opportunities for career advancement. On the opposite side I find a more distancing of real human interaction. For example, just these past several years, I am finding that more people that I know are texting or e-mailing me rather than calling me. It appears that people tend to isolate themselves into their own sub-groups of society. Personal interaction with society in general is more distant and guarded. I find that with buyers as well as tenants. But, if I look a particular person up on Facebook, I find that they have numerous friends with whom they freely interact. The real problem I find in this movement towards people searching out people who they share common interests and goals, is that they are attempting to exclude the crosscut of the general population. I have always encouraged people to investigate and learn about people’s lives and their cultures. From that, we find more of a balance whenever we interact with someone that isn’t “just like” us. With that said, I come back full circle and say that we in our community of Mason City and greater North Iowa, must work towards re-establishing the real mindset of community. We must truly learn to care as well as share. The fabric of our nation is woven with fibers of many different cultures that allowed themselves to be woven together as one. Let’s work at that mindset a little each day.

Joe Chodur

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