Grey Suits and Chevrolets

Mason City and the general North Iowa area have a population that seem to have two opposing sides that are intrinsically different and in these times, there appears to be even a more widening gap between them. The reason for me speaking about this is that I work with both sides of this buyer and seller spectrum. There are those that have nearly nothing as far as hard assets, and there are those that have suitcases full of cash. I enjoy working with both sides as well as all those in between but I have to say, the “Look at me and what I have.” people seem to be more aggressive in their demands, and the “Don’t ask me what I have, because I will never tell.” people seem to be backing even farther away from the limelight of our society.

I believe there should be a meeting of the minds of the two groups because it is polarizing our community. The “wanna bees” look down on those that “appear” to have nothing, and the “quiet hoarders of money” look similarly towards those that appear to be living beyond their means. I’ve worked for years with both sides and have kept my mouth shut when speaking about the opposing side.

I truly believe that if, the two opposing forces would come to an agreement as to how our community should grow, then we would all see real change. When we don’t have hard assets behind us, then we are flying by the seat of our pants. There are very, very people in North Iowa that really know and understand how many residents live in our communities that have exceedingly more than we could ever imagine. I encourage everyone to be a little more careful about passing judgments on those that wear dusty grey suits and drive old Chevrolets. They are the ones that have made their money in an old fashioned way; they earned it.

Joe Chodur

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