Craftsmanship still survives in Mason City

I have been helping an owner with renting a downtown building.  I met one of the contractors there to do some measuring for a possible future tenant.  Curious me decided to see what was above the suspended ceiling.  Luckily there was a tall ladder there so I placed it in an area where I thought I could get some tiles up.  I crawled up the ladder and pushed up one, then two, then three and four.  To my absolute astonishment, 14 feet above, there began appearing the most beautiful tin ceiling with massive yet intricately designed crowns running along the wall/ceiling area.  The contractor was equally surprised to see such beauty.  I then decided to see if the transom windows were still in the front.  To yet another great surprise, the transoms are still there and fully intact with only one of the windows broken.  Whenever I see such quality workmanship, I am amazed at how builders who built in the 1870’s with no power tools could construct such lasting beauty. Once the 14 foot high ceilings are exposed with their intricate beauty, anyone visiting this building will be speechless at their first glance.

I am delighted to know there are still hidden jewels in Mason City.

Joe Chodur

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