Stretching the Dollar

I know we have all been lectured via the media about how to save money and yet not give up some of the comforts we are accustomed. What I have noticed is the excess “stuff” in peoples lives. The non-stop buying of electronics including the TVs, the handhelds, the fitness equipment, the automatic kitchen appliances and so on. With the continued evolution of bigger and better machines, we find ourselves wanting the next generation of the better because we are programmed with this idea via the advertising media. Saving money isn’t about cutting back; it’s about cutting out. Why not see how long we can keep something working for us instead of waiting for it to break so we can get bigger and better. I am amazed to see how much homeowners accumulate in such a short time from the time of purchase to the time they are getting ready to sell.  It’s no wonder why waste removal companies always do so well.  There’s big business in our throw away world. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how much we could save in just one year by keeping and maintaining the existing we have in our lives?  Maybe this idea could become one of the next reality TV shows.

Joe Chodur

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