Clouds of Gnats

It was a pleasant sight seeing the full moon in the western sky this morning.  Someone said that this one is supposed to be a super moon, and from the looks of it this morning, I’d say it appeared bigger than normal.  It should be all the brighter tonight since we won’t have any cloud cover so do enjoy it while you can.

The morning went by pretty quickly with having a number of office errands to run regarding several of my recent sales.  So far, they’re moving along quite well, and if only we can get that release on an old mortgage we’ve been waiting for, they’ll all be on track. One of my appointments was close enough to where I could walk, so off I went.  Thank goodness I was watching that greasy ice on the sidewalks because it was very slick.  It seems melted snow that turns back to ice is the most dangerous.  There was a young lady I know gingerly crossing a parking lot, and I yelled at her, “Be careful of that patch of ice!” She was all the more thankful because she thought it was just water, and only a few steps away from walking across it.

Since I’ve got a public open house scheduled this Saturday for 725 N. Washington, I picked up some signs and went out and placed them on the property.  I also hung a sold sign on one of my recent sales which should catch the eye of passersby.  I’m exceptionally happy it’s sold, and for sure it’s going to the right buyer.  I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like in a year’s time.

Speaking of sold signs, I’ll have to go out tomorrow and see if I can get one out of the ground at a home I closed on about a month ago.  There was too much snow around it, and the buyer told me to leave it there until weather permitted. I’m actually glad I left it there because it’ll give me a reason to stop and see how much work has done on it since we closed.  For sure there’s going to be a whole heck of a lot of yard work to be done on that property.

Tomorrow I have to print out some notices and post them on the doors of an apartment house I have listed because one of my competitors wants to show the building on Sunday.  They cancelled at the last minute several weeks ago, so I stressed the importance of letting me know in plenty of time if they should cancel again.  I’ll be very happy once that diamond in the rough is sold.  I’m still wishing some industrious young couple would buy it and restore it back to its original splendor.  For sure it has one of the most striking solid oak open staircases I’ve seen in some time, and I’m almost certain that home was moved from somewhere else onto that site because its partial basement is far newer than the structure.  In spite of it not having a garage, there’s plenty of room in the rear to build a double or triple.

Several people I spoke with today have been fully enjoying these warm and sunny days, but also reminding me of those snow storms we had during the month of April and into May last year.  I laughed and said, “I fully remember them, and no matter what anyone says, we did get 24 inches in that last one because before it finally stopped, I’d shoveled three times, and each time it was at least eight inches deep.  I think the weathermen waited until it stopped, and didn’t realize that likely four or six inches had already melted because that’s how heavy and wet it was.”  After explaining it more fully this time, I think they finally believed me.

I’m sure you’re all wondering if any of the fleas hitched a ride with me yesterday, and all I can say is that I haven’t seen or felt one as of yet, and I hope it stays that way.  I did tell my story to several Realtors regarding what happened with those nasty creatures, and all of them mentioned how disgusting something like that must’ve been.  Of course they also had their own stories to share, and one of them made me all the more angered with certain parents who don’t concern themselves with the health and welfare of their children.  Seeing a small child all bit up by fleas from living in an infested home, is certainly what I’d consider child endangerment.  Many years ago I listed a rental belonging to an estate, and after the tenants who had two small daughters moved out, the fleas were so thick that they looked like clouds of gnats.  I’ll never forget that horrific experience.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented hypocrite.

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