Stuck in a Snowbank

In spite of the weather, several of my listings were sold today, and as chance would have it,  I sold one of them myself.  That’s one I figured wouldn’t be on the market very long because of its location, square footage, and updates.  The buyer is exceptionally excited about it and I fully understand why.

Now that we’re over halfway thru the month of January, I’m all the more beginning to long for Spring.  Yes, we do have many weeks before the trees begin greening and our flowers pushing their heads out of the soil, but at least once we’re past this month, those sights will soon be in our horizon.

As the temperatures rise, I’ll be keen to look for the indicators of a good year of home sales, and one of them being the number of new listings coming on the market before the snow melts. Let’s see who’s right about this year’s real estate market.

I had a conference call with the directors of Prairie Place on 1st today, and we’ve decided to have a public open house on the units in celebration of its First Anniversary on January 27th from 1:00 – 3:00 PM which happens to be a Saturday. I’ll be doing some extra advertising on them prior to that date.  I have several interested buyers who’ve looked at the units but haven’t yet come forward to make commitments.  So if you know anyone 55 or older who’s considering a well-earned upgrade to a senior community housing, please let them know.

While talking to one of my customers today, he mentioned how much he likes good food–especially spicy. I asked him if he liked ground hot peppers. He said he did, so off I went to get him a small bottle of home-grown ground hot peppers.  When handing it to him I said, “Now be careful because you may not think it’s not very hot, but it creeps up on you after about a minute or two, so use it sparingly until you get used to its heat.”

I couldn’t help but notice while talking to the two of them how he would continue open the bottle, smell it, and then close it again until I finally had to ask, “Is something wrong with how it smells?”  “Oh no!” he said, “I can’t get enough of the complex and rich smell it has.”  Again I said to him, “Just remember my warning of how its heat creeps up on you.”  Oh, and I couldn’t help but encourage him to sprinkle some of it on the next bowl of ice cream he has.  He looked at me questioningly and said, “Ice cream?  I’ve never heard of putting ground hot peppers on ice cream.”  All I could say was, “Try it.  I guarantee you’ll like it.

I’ll be getting a new listing tomorrow that’ll “wow” you, so be sure to check it out on tomorrow evening’s post.  If it doesn’t sell right away, then our current buyers must have their heads still stuck in snowbanks.

What do you think of tonight’s photo of our Downtown in the “dead” of Winter?

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