Visionaries among us

I had an open house today where arrived a forty something couple who took a keen interest in the home. It wasn’t your normal walk thru like most prospective buyers. They not only looked at what was there as far as features, but also talked about making a room opening larger, redesigning the kitchen, and adding an egress window in the finished basement. The second floor has a sharp enough pitch on it that could easily be turned into another bedroom with a possible ¾ bath if there would be added a dormer to the home. I mentioned to him that he seemed more talented with carpentry than most. He admitted to me that he had worded for some years as a home builder. He said he didn’t like the idea of added work but he felt he would have to since the “finished” homes that he and his wife were looking at were far too expensive now for what they offered. We talked about how the buyers now seem to want everything finished and are willing to pay a premium for it. I mentioned to them that they are a dying breed here in Mason City because buyers with vision are fewer and farther between. I truly appreciate people who have skills beyond their careers. I like to hear stories from buyers and sellers who have second and third and more abilities that surpass that of the general public—it fascinates me. Challenges create thought, visions create incentives and incentives create results.

By the way, happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of Mason City, North Iowa and the world!

Joe Chodur

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