Fool’s Gold

Every time I hear of someone taking advantage of someone else by not providing the agreed upon goods and services, it makes me bristle. On the flip side, I also bristle whenever I hear of someone who keeps wanting more and more from a company or person who has fulfilled the terms of service.

Everyone knows people who fit this flawed character. I have in past years severed ties with people as well as companies who have not provided services as agreed upon or over charged by padding their hours. Equally as well, I have walked away from doing business for people who never stop wanting from me that which is far and above the general services that my company provides. We can call this form of commerce many names. My two favorite are “holding the thumb on the scale of time”, and “double dipping”. I’m sure you all have your own pet names for these types people and companies. In visiting with a prominent business person not long ago about what I now speak. I lightly pounded my fist on the desk and said, “Why is it that everyone wants instant wealth? Why doesn’t anyone want to make money the old fashioned way? Remember? They earn it?” I now consider people and companies who do business in this fashion to be those who carry pockets full of fool’s gold. In the end they are the fools.

Joe Chodur

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