Between Two Classics

It seems I’m growing all the more accustomed to rising early, because even though I didn’t have anything so terribly pressing this morning, I was on the road even earlier during our morning’s twilight. It’s interesting to how the birds were already out searching for food at such an hour, and for sure, it was a delightfully quite drive with nearly no traffic.

Speaking of birds, while I was driving back to the office yesterday on that northward bend south of the mall, and just as I was crossing that bridge, I looked to my left, and noticed a giant crow on the ground next to a small tree where there was a big ant hill those black ants create, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when seeing that crow pecking away at that ant mound. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought crows would eat ants. I’ve always known they’ll eat just about anything, but ants? Wow.

I got as much of my personal stuff done as time allowed before my morning open house over at 15 Farmstead Square. I didn’t realize the time had creeped up on me to where I had to make a mad dash to get there before 10:00 a.m., just so to get the door unlocked and lights on.

There weren’t as many people in attendance as I was hoping, but the ones that did come, were very much impressed. The last one to arrive, just happened to be working with another agent, and mentioned she’d be asking for another showing later today, which did take place. We’ll see what comes of it.

Just these past several days, we’ve been getting a great deal of interest on my listing at 114 – 11th St. NE, and hopefully one of the recent lookers will be making an offer on it. I head today that an agent was there for a good two hours, which means there had to have been more than a passing interest.

If I were up for another project, I’d turn that home into a showplace, and I can assure anyone, that every thoughtful dollar spent on that home, would give a much greater future return. What makes that home a cut above the rest, is that finished 3rd floor which has ceilings as tall or taller than the 2nd. Another huge advantage about that beauty, is it being stationed right between two classics, which means if 114 – 11th St. NE were brought up to their levels, that little stretch of street would be an eye-catcher for passersby. I know it’ll sell, but I do hope it being to someone who’ll make it grand again. Just take a closer look at tonight’s photo of it. Can’t you see endless possibilities?

Since I didn’t have any scheduled appointments after my open house was over, I changed my clothes and went back to work on my little/big project which is finally coming to the end of its long journey back to its original beauty. I actually stopped a few times, just to stand back and look at it. A dear one stopped by while I was there and got a good jaw-drop after walking in. It makes for more of an effect on someone who’s seen the very beginning, and then its near end. Yes, I was glad to get that much-needed compliment.

I stopped over to my little garden to check on the tomatoes and peppers, and noticed several of the San Marzanos are now beginning to set flowers. Since I’ve never grown them before, I dare say I’ve not seen tomatoes with such big “trunks”, which is a good thing because that means they’ll be able to hold the weight of their branching runners, and ripening tomatoes. With this being my first growing experience with them, I’m sure it’ll be a learning curve for me this season, so if they are as good as they say, I’ll be growing them again next year because I very much enjoy good tomato sauce.

One of my dear friends called today, and announced that he’s going to take that avocado tree off my hands which I’ve had growing in my office for nearly ten years. Thank goodness I finally have someone taking it who I know will keep it alive. I teasingly said, “Now if you lived in Florida and planted it outdoors, there’s no question you’d be having avocados on it next year, but unfortunately they will not flower in this climate.”

After he comes and gets it, I’ll have to find another smaller plant to take its place because I’m so used to having greenery up at the front. I do get a number of compliments on those two jade plants which have grown to be quite the beauties, and for some reason, I’ve never seen jade grow so well, and the only thing I can think of, is the amount of light they receive on a daily basis. I’ve actually started babies from them, and given to anyone wanting. I have one that’s about six inches tall growing in a pot, and the woman I agreed to give it to, hasn’t stopped back to pick it up. I think it’s odd because she’d asked me for one more than once until I finally agreed to get one started. Oh well, if she doesn’t come to pick it up soon, it’ll be gifted to another.

With all this recent rain, I’ve got a full day of mowing and yard work to do, and for sure, I’m going to be tuckered out by the time tomorrow evening arrives. It’s definitely a “must do” tomorrow, because I’ve got a very full week ahead, and definitely no time to be worrying about yard work.

Have you all been noticing all the more out of County and out of State license plates around town these recent days? I don’t know if I’m just paying more attention, or if we’re getting more people moving and/or visiting North Iowa. The out of County plates I’ve noticed, are not even close to those surrounding our City. Let’s hope they’re not unknowingly carrying the China-virus to our shores.

Tonight’s one-liner is: A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.

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