Creating an Apiary

I was expecting it warmer than it was today, but with the breezes coming out of the north, it was of no surprise. At least we did get a good amount of thawing yesterday which helped to melt off and dry up our slippery streets and walkways.

A tradesperson stopped by late this morning to drop off some items I’d ordered, and before he left, we had a nice chat about the times in which we live. Most of our conversation revolved around how our weather patterns have been changing in more noticeable ways, and yet there’s little being done in our world to drastically reduce carbon emissions. What most don’t realize, is that if the permafrost melts in the arctic, we’re going to have an exceptionally big problem with the methane that’ll be released after being trapped for thousands of years. I believe that may possibly be the precursor to the near extinction of our human race.

He fully agreed with me when I shared my thoughts on how some people in great power do little or nothing to protect our environment for the lives and well-being of even their own offspring, which is something I’ll never understand. They must be so consumed by their blinding greed, that they’re unable to look far enough ahead into the future.

There was an old saying that used to be passed around once in a while by my “grand people” which went, “The sins of the mothers and fathers, oft times get passed on to their sons and daughters.” After being on the sidelines of family issues with clients and customers, I have many times thought that saying to be true, which is all the more reason for parents to do everything they can to avoid having their sins of hatred, greed, pride, and envy, passed on to their children. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always encouraged people to do their best and be their best, and above all, wish the absolute best for everyone. As a footnote, I personally wish even the most vile of humans the best, but as long as they stay as far away from me as possible, but not farther. That’s what I consider the finest form of indifference towards even the naughtiest of monkeys.

Around mid-afternoon, I had an appointment at the office with a buyer who wanted to make an offer on a home I showed him. Since he’s a “first-timer”, I spent all the more minutes explaining the whole process. He’s pre-approved with only a few conditions which I believe are so minimal, that all we’ll need to worry about is hammering out a price, and hope the home appraises. Since I personally did a market analysis on it, I doubt there’ll be any problems with it. We’ll see what happens with that offer these next days.

While visiting with a colleague today, I couldn’t help getting on the subject of how poorly of a job some of the assessors in our North Iowa Counties do for the owners of real estate. I’m of the belief they all need to get their real estate license so they can get a real understanding of value, and above all, make as many bonafide personal inspections of those very homes they assess. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I do believe many of our residents in North Iowa should be pressing our State governments to regionalize the offices of assessors, because if that should come to pass, there would be an opportunity to vet those who do little to make sure their assessments on properties are done fairly and accurately. Very few really know just how many mistakes they make, which in the end, have adverse affects on tax valuations on our struggling taxpayers.

One of my visitors today, was a young man who does side-line work for several of my clients, and when he announced that he’s seriously looking into creating an apiary, I couldn’t have been more excited for him. He went on to say how for years, his fascination with beekeeping has grown, and now that one of his friends has offered to provide a country site for him, he’s going to work diligently at making his dream come true. You can be sure I wished him the absolute best with making it come true. After he left, I had a “feeling” he will make it happen.

I’m sure once he’s done his investigations, he’ll find how endangered honeybees are becoming, and perhaps he’ll be yet one more beekeeper who’ll help to get their populations back up to where the should be. Most have no clue how important honeybees are in the pollination of the many fruits and nuts we eat. Almond trees are exceptionally dependent on honeybees for pollination. If you are curious enough, do some online research and see for yourselves how many of our foods are dependent on bees. I can assure you, it’ll be an eyeopener.

Not to my surprise, I received an envelope back in the mail today which I sent out to a friend of mine. It actually had that yellow sticker on it saying the address was not found. It sort of creeped me out when seeing it, because just this past week I began thinking about how automated our postal system is, and how old-fashioned my cursive handwriting can be, which would spell trouble with my correspondence being properly delivered. It sort of makes me sad, because every so often, there’s someone who makes mention of my so-called beautiful handwriting. You can be sure I don’t work at it, because I write the way in which I was taught a very many years ago. Yes, times have changed, which means I may have to start typing the addresses on envelopes being sent, instead of writing them in my cursive fashion.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The presence of passion within you is the greatest gift you can receive, so treat it as miracle.

Joe Chodur

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