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Even though most people don’t like having the wind blowing stronger than a breeze, I think today’s semi-strong southerly kept us from being baked.  It also helped to keep the humidity levels down to where if you weren’t out in the direct sun, it wasn’t bad at all.

As I promised yesterday, I went out with camera in hand to take a photo of that small patch of delightful wild strawberries.  I had to clear a few weeds from them so that they could be seen more clearly.  The photos turned out as I expected, and I’ll be sure to post one of them tomorrow evening.  Talk about a historic hidden natural treasure!

My morning appointment was to do a first-time walk-thru on a home the owner is thinking very seriously about selling.  When I got there, the tenants were hovering about, but the owner arrived shortly after to give me a full tour.

There’s a great deal of cleaning out and tidying up, but as I said to her, “The bones are good, the location is great, and the mechanicals are up to snuff.”  What I stressed with her the most, was to get the tenants to remove as much stuff as possible because the worse it looks, the less she’d end up getting for the home.   Late this afternoon I received a call from her saying she and her husband were going to get a plan set and stick to it regarding the clean-up and clean-out of her home.  There’s no question in my mind it will sell because of how few good homes in sought after neighborhoods are in that low of a price range.

Later this afternoon I listed a townhouse out on our west side that’s located at 900 Briarcliff Circle which is a very roomy two bedroom, two bath home with an attached garage and exceptionally well cared-for since it was built in 1998.  We have it priced at $148,500 and well within the affordability range of seniors looking to get out of their homes and into more worry-free environments.

It’s just been cleaned and painted, so anyone wanting “move-in condition”, they’ll have it with this unit.  What most people will be impressed with, is its open floor plan, and the views of the countryside.  When the unit was built, there were many handicap features added which one normally doesn’t find.

I did happen to visit with some of the owners in that subdivision, and they all mentioned how much they like living there.  For sure you’ll not see a great deal of traffic because of how it’s tucked-away from the busier streets.

The owner has given me strict instructions that she wants it sold quickly, and hopefully with our current shortage of townhouses, she’ll have her wish.

I had a good laugh from one of my clients today who mentioned how terrible her recent birthday was because her husband happened to be in a snippy mood the entire day.  She said by the time the day was over, she refused to eat any birthday cake or ice cream, and instead went for a shower and headed to bed.   More than once she said, “On my birthday of all days!”  I felt bad for her, but I think I cheered her up when telling her some of my not-so-favorite birthdays which were ruined by a few so-called well wishing relatives. Just one of the cruel jokes, was the gifting of a bogus lottery scratch ticket which revealed a big win.  That was naughty.

Before she walked out I suggested we create our own birthday club where only near and dear friends are allowed to belong, but to keep the club no greater than 12 members just so there’d be a birthday gathering to attend every month of the year.  I laughed when adding, “You and I could be the founding members!”  At least she walked out feeling better about her ruined birthday, and possibly some thoughts about her next.

The above photo is of my new listing at 900 Briarcliff Circle.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Our birthdays are the feathers in the broad wing of time.

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