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It was almost hot outside when seeing it reaching above 75 degrees this afternoon, and since most of us haven’t yet grown accustomed to these rapidly rising temperatures, it felt a whole lot warmer than it really was.

My first order of business was getting prepared for a closing that’s coming up the first of next week.  I’ve got pretty much everything on my side completed, and all I’m waiting for is the escrow company to give me the dollar amount the buyer needs to bring to closing.  If I don’t hear from them first thing tomorrow morning, I’ll be on the horn asking for it.  As well you all know, I do hate this waiting until the business day before a closing and find we’re rushing like maniacs to get what’s needed.  I certainly don’t want a repeat of what happened about a month ago when a certain someone didn’t let me know he was holding documents I desperately needed.

There was a salad luncheon sponsored by a local church at Columbus Club today, so I made sure to stop out there for a light lunch.  Of course picky me handed a a plate back to a server that already had a huge piece of casserole on it when saying, “Sorry, I’m only here for the salad bar.”  For certain,  if I would’ve eaten that huge chunk of whatever it contained, I would’ve been foundered for the rest of the day.  People should know better than to serve such heavy food for lunch unless those eating will be physically working it off that afternoon.  I wonder how many of our seniors in attendance had to go for a nap this afternoon after eating whatever that was.

Back on the farm, the big meals were always breakfasts and lunches, and the evening ones were usually lighter left-overs from the noon meal.  Like they all say, “You should never go to bed with a heavy stomach.”  Even after decades had passed since her working life on the farm, my mother continued to have her large meals at noon, and something lighter as her evening.  Of course she would always have to go and take a nap shortly after that big mid-day meal.

A really creepy/cool happening took place at the table I was seated at when a woman identified herself as a life-long friend of a woman I used to share an office with when I worked at a bank a very many years ago.  My jaw nearly dropped after mentioning her connection with my previous colleague because not even three days ago I found an old email address for her and left it out on my worktable as a reminder for me to send her a short letter.  I hesitated at the time when thinking she’d likely changed her email, but according to her friend, it’s the same one I have.  If that wasn’t a beyond coincidence happening, I’d like someone to educate me.  For sure I’ll be sending my old office mate a note tomorrow.

I had some errands to run this afternoon which was followed up by appointment that lasted over two hours.  My meeting was with an elderly couple who were absolutely delightful.  After getting our business at hand taken care of, we spent well over an hour visiting.  I could tell they enjoyed reminiscing over past events in their lives, and I soaked it all up with a vengeance.

While driving away, I was once again reminded how so many in our younger crowd don’t take the time to listen to what our elderly have to say because they don’t want to hear any life lessons out of the mouths of oldsters, which should all the more be heard because there’s always something they say which can be connected with problems in their own lives.  Believe me, in these times, it’s a breath of fresh air for me when conversing with most of our elderly because they continue to maintain a refreshing decorum.  In just these past two or three years, I’ve noticed how freely people verbally attack each other with absolutely no regrets.

While at that luncheon, I did manage to get a jab in on one of those people who showed little regard for statements that were publicly made about another which I thought at the time to be in exceptionally bad taste.  I’m sure she finally got the drift of my cloaked chide long after I walked away which was a stern reminder that it’s better to keep still than to actively feed our local news reporters who’re always hungry to write about something putrid.

I learned something new today which will certainly stay with me, and that how in years past, mothers would sometimes name their daughters “Bonaventure” which happens to be a saint’s name.  After questioning such a practice, I looked it up, and sure enough, “Bonnie” could be used as either a male or female’s name.  So it looks like from now on, I’ll have to be careful when assuming “Bonnie” to be the given name instead of it being a shortened form of “Bonaventure”.  I wonder how many parents in these times have chosen that name for their newborns.  Personally, the more I read and speak it, the more I like it, and for sure I would not allow it to be shortened if I had a child by that name.

Since I was running out of photos to share, I decided to stop by our “natural jewel” we call East Park, and take a few.  I believed the one above to be the best of those shots because it speaks of all those many outdoor gatherings that’ll be taking place within these coming months.  What do you think?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The eyes are more exact witnesses than the ears.

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