Stomachs of Cast Iron

Stomachs of Cast IronMy office is still playing catch up from last week’s down days and I think we’re getting closer to being back on track.   Intervening circumstances can certainly turn apple carts over when least expected.  I must say again how humbled I’ve been by the number of sympathy cards received from others regarding my mother’s passing.  As each day goes by, more arrive in the post box.  In some cultures it is believed that when one person of like mind and spirit passes, there’s another duplicate being born somewhere in the world.  If that be true, there was an exceptionally fine mind that just entered a particular family and community somewhere here on earth.  I’m glad I have a set of work clothes at the office since I had to spend several hours this morning helping another family member move several pieces of furniture from Mother’s home.  It’s been good to have one of my visiting siblings remain a little longer to help with getting her personal things sent in various directions.  We’ve been keen to make sure much of it will be put to good use by others.  I absolutely hate seeing perfectly good furniture and clothing being thrown into dumpsters.  In time, I’ll likely be posting some really old photos of long ago exterior shots of people at work and play.  Some really do enjoy looking at the ways of people back in the age of black and white photos.  I’ve always believed the black and whites bring out more depth of special moments in time.

After several phone calls with a seller today, it looks like I’ll be getting another home listed later this week or on the weekend.  Since I sold it to them some years ago, I’m sure it’ll be another one that won’t be in the market very long because of its location and features.  I’m confident it’ll sell for more than what they paid for it.  I’ve stressed over the years the importance of location when purchasing or renting a home here in Mason City.  It’s unfortunate we have areas which many steer away from due to the amount of research buyers and potential renters do before they make their final choices.  With the advent of the internet,  a buyer’s or tenant’s first physical viewing of a property is becoming more of a confirmation of a home’s location and condition before they sign a lease or offer to purchase.

If ever I would look back and say I had wide-eyed sensory overload, I’ll think of the one today.  Before I tell my story, I must remind everyone that I have a pretty good stomach for smells having come from a working farm in my younger years, and most don’t bother me at all.  Well, since I personally have not visited our City dump in a very long time, I found myself making a delivery there and didn’t know the protocol of where to take things.  So without questioning, I drove all the way round to where the other big trucks dump garbage.  Oh Mercy!  When I opened the door on my car and the wind blowing on me from the wrong direction, I thought I was going to loose it right then and there.  It smelled as if I had stepped onto a field of rotting dead animals.  The employees working out there must have no sense of smell along with cast iron stomachs because after leaving, I considered stripping quickly, showering heavily, and burning my clothes.

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