The Creation Of Brain Balls

It sounds like we’re going to be suffering under this windy-cold weather for the rest of our workweek, and for sure, I’ll be donning my winter coat tomorrow morning. From what I read, we’re supposed to have overnight lows around twenty degrees which is definitely going to turn everything we now see green, to many shades of golden brown. Oh well, we’re already on the downward-slide of October, so we’ll just have to make the best of the few pleasant days that lay ahead.

The first and foremost item on today’s agenda, was to make contact with the closing company regarding the delayed closing which should’ve happened last week, but didn’t.  After several phone calls to the people involved in it, I came to an unsettling conclusion that the business practices we were so accustomed to prior to the pandemic, have evolved into a “Not on my time.”, or “I’ll get to it when I feel like it.” mentality which I’ll have to accept and work around, but what gets my goat the most, is the fact that they’re getting paid to do their work, and if something gets missed or overlooked, the fixing of it is also part of their job. Right?

On a very positive note, we did manage to get the last available Prairie Place on 1st unit sold today. It was a long and drawn-out period of negotiation, but in the end, I believe everyone’s happy, and for me, that’s the most important. We’ll be closing on it long before the holidays arrive which will allow my buyer to get settled-in before the hard winter comes a-knocking. There’s no doubt in my mind she’ll be a good fit for that delightful community of seniors.

I did get an answer back from the seller on the verbal offer I received yesterday, and wouldn’t you know, when I called the number, I was sent to a voice mailbox, and as of right now, I’ve not received a call back. I’m not bothered by it in the least bit, because there’ve been too many of such situations taking place in our market these past several years, and enough to where I recognize the signs from the get-go. I’ll have to call my seller tomorrow and tell him we were ghosted.

Whenever meeting with people today, I had to apologize for the stains on my fingertips, along with explaining how I managed to get them so dirty-looking. Well, the gloves I had on yesterday when removing the hulls from those black walnuts, weren’t as protective as I thought, so I’ll just have to wait until it’s worn off. I’m glad to have them nearly finished so I can lay them out to get fully dried before I can start cracking them.

Somehow while in conversation with a gentleman today, we ended up talking about the Celts which people nearly always connect them to those living in Ireland, but of course Mr. Smarty Pants had to give a more clear picture of their beginnings which most archeologists believe, was started with the arrival of the Hallstat Culture which was in Middle Europe in an area which is now part of Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.

A number of years ago, I read a very well written book which went into great detail regarding the Middle Europe Celtic Culture which to this day, nobody knows exactly where they came from because they just sort of “appeared”. There’s no doubt they were fierce warriors in battle, and it wasn’t just the men who were battle-hardened because the women did their share of killing. Can you imagine living back in the Greco-Roman times and being confronted by a group of warriors who were tattooed and most times completely naked? What I found the most bizarre about their ways, was the fascination they had with human heads and the creation of brain balls from them. Pretty scary wouldn’t you say?

From what I recall, it took the combination of various allied armies to drive them in a north and westwardly direction. If you don’t believe they fought naked, look up that Roman statue called, “The Dying Gaul” who was likely a hybridized version of that original clan. I hope I’ve not given you an information overload, but at least you’ll understand whenever speaking about the brutality taking place in our world right now, confirms my unfortunate belief that history does repeat itself.

We had a good showing at my listing yesterday located at 224 W. Spring Street, and when visiting with the agent that showed it, his buyers’ interest is more than a passing one, so hopefully they’ll schedule a second look and make an offer on it. Like I’ve been seeing lately, the buyers who’re getting mortgages, are having to scale-down on their purchase prices because our interest rates still hovering above seven percent. It would be perfect world if both of my listing up in Manly would soon be under contract.

I dare say the beginning of this week was a far-cry from last Tuesday thru Friday, because it seemed every time I’d have one land-mine dodged, there’d be another one following. I did have a few sharp words for several individuals, and when looking back, I’m still of the belief they were deserved.

When I had time today, I went online and listened to yesterday’s music I’d played over at St. Paul Lutheran, and sure enough, I didn’t play the fourth verse of the recessional, so from now on, I’ll be watching and counting them more closely. I think if they’d get a better system of recording their Services, there’d be more people watching them because the recording is still jerky to where it’s noticed in the speaking, moving and singing, along with the organ music not streaming properly. I’m sure in time they’ll have it tweaked into perfection.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.

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