That Whatchamacallit Thingamajig

Another pleasant Sunday morning arrived, and not to my surprise, I ended up sleeping an hour longer than normally, and likely because I’d given myself a good physical workout yesterday, along with several bruises to show for it.

Upon arrival at office, I immediately went to my darkened and quiet corner to get my Sunday morning contemplative session completed. Today’s session started off markedly different because I wanted to get some sort of spiritual message regarding the removal of several people whom I began wondering if my praying for them would make any sort of difference because of how resolute they’ve grow in the way they view themselves, as well as the way in which they perceive others.

Perhaps what triggered it, was being told in a very firm voice by one of them not too long ago, how much she hated another person we both know, and from what little I’ve been around that “hated” one, I’d freely say he’s not someone I’d go so far as to say I hate. Just remember hate, is a Cardinal sin. The other person I’d considered removing, is a man who’s also very rigid and brittle in the way he perceives the world around him. In spite of him being an exceptionally intelligent man, I couldn’t help stepping back when hearing him basically saying our Country was going down a very dark rabbit hole because his candidate didn’t get elected. I will say there’s another thread that binds the both of them, and that’s their lust for money and position.

In spite of my wanting to remove them from my prayer chain, I was given a clear message that it was necessary for me to continue my intentions for them, and once I got it, I moved forward with getting my session completed. I’m sure in time there’ll be something revealed about those two I wanted to cut-loose, and for sure I’ll be watching for it with the both of them. I just heard yesterday some good news about the one I’d added to my chain last week, which was another confirmation that there is indeed a great power in selfless prayer.

Later this morning I got a message from the owners of the property I have an offer on, saying they wanted to first check with their financial advisor tomorrow morning before they give me an answer on the offer we have on the table. I then sent a text to the selling agent to let her know we’ll know something tomorrow. I dare say I was just a tiny bit annoyed by the news because if I were those sellers, I would’ve had the answers to such questions before I would’ve listed it. Oh well, it is what it is.

Having taken care of all my real estate duties, I changed my clothes and headed out to continue working on yesterday’s project. Thank goodness it was cooler and the wind was blowing which kept those nasty biting bugs away from me, and in spite of working a good five hours, I truly enjoyed the experience because I was outdoors enjoying all the visual beauties I could find while taking my short little breaks from work. Tonight’s photo is of a flower getting ready to bloom which I thought a bit interesting considering how late it is in our year. The Sedum is now blooming and the honey bees were going bonkers over getting all the nectar they could.

I was delightfully surprised to find I managed to get everything done I wanted before I had to head back to office to get cleaned up and clothes changed for a late afternoon appointment I had in Manly. I managed to time it just right because I pulled up to the home about seven minutes before I was to be there.

It had been nearly a month since I’d seen the home, and not surprised to see it looking exceptionally better than it did the first time, and the reason they wanted me to pay them another visit, was to see if I’d be changing my opinion of value from what I’d earlier given, and after getting the full tour, I upped the estimated sales price considerably more.

While visiting with them, I did mention how rapidly our mortgage rates have gone up, but I’m still thinking it’ll likely sell to a cash buyer, and only because it has a main floor laundry, along with a two-car attached garage, and knowing the Manly market as well as I do, there’s a huge shortage of newer ranch homes in that community, so hopefully there’ll be an aging couple living in Manly or the surrounding area who’ll jump on it as soon as I get it listed. Another positive point, was having been told by a colleague that Manly seems to be a hot community for out of town and State buyers. It does make sense because it only takes me about 13 minutes to get up there from my Downtown office. There are many un-noticed perks to living in those small towns close-by to the “hub” of North Central Iowa.

We had a nice visit about our current political landscape, and glad to find they’ve not been sipping the “Kool-Aid” that so many others have become addicted to, and while driving home, I had another warm feeling about there being many others who hold fast to their centrist views.

Before calling it a day, I went out and picked several grocery sacks of cucumbers, along with several of my San Marzano tomatoes which I’ll be delivering tomorrow to those in need. I’m just hoping we don’t get a frost tomorrow night, and if not, my garden will be enjoying another good week of frost-less growing time.

While out working, my thoughts were taken back to crazy words we used to use like, that whatchamacallit thingamajig, and that whatnot thingamabob, and finally, that whatso doohickey. Now tell me truthfully, you’ve at least once in your life used such words.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The best time to relax, is when you don’t have time for it.

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