The Seven Cardinal Virtues

I was somewhat late getting to office this morning, and for the only reason being, my having to stop and pick up a sold sign at the house that used to belong to my mother which was closing today, and since I was out on that side of town, I made a point to drive by several questionable properties, as well as stop out to HyVee’s convenience store and grab a half-cup of coffee. The rain we had last night must’ve been very isolated because when I left home this morning, there were no signs of it having rained, but as I was heading towards the Downtown, I could see there’d been enough to where it had been running along the curb. After noticing that, I’m glad I took the initiative to get some of my mowing done yesterday.

When I opened my email this morning, I found an offer that had been submitted overnight on my listing at 721 S. Virginia. I went ahead and printed it out and then placed an early call to my seller whom I know gets up very early in the morning. I only went over a few items on it, and then scheduled an appointment for her to stop by my office for a full review.

Her arrival wasn’t long after my call, so I proceeded to go over the offer one page at a time, and once she was fully up to speed with it all, she made the decision to accept it. She had some additional questions which I was able to answer, and with that said, she walked out of my office fully aware of the next steps that would be taken. That was another one of my listings which went under contract in less than a week after being posted for sale. I’m going to remain confident the loan process is going to go smoothly for that agent’s buyer.

I had to place a call to one of my out-of-town relatives this afternoon, just to visit about a property they own which has been getting some inquiries on it from our buying public. Not long after explaining the circumstances, I was given an asking price on it which I later relayed to the agent representing the potential buyers. So it looks like I’ll be working real estate early tomorrow morning.

While I was on the phone earlier with my relative, we somehow got on the subject of past inter-family communications, and for some unexplainable reason, I asked if a certain letter was received that was sent by another member of my “tribe” way back in March of 2017. As I suspected, that letter was mysteriously never received, which was one more confirmation that what someone says, isn’t always how it really is. Since that letter was in a nearby file cabinet, I asked if I dare read it on the phone. There was a definite “Yes” in response.

After reading it in it’s entirety, there were many remarks about it which I dare not repeat because of how intense they were, but all I could say was, “That letter was just one more example of what goes on in the minds of delusional people who make a point of filling others with poisonous lies which spread like wildfire.” I’ve mentioned before how easy it is to create doubt with others by simply twisting the truth enough to where it suddenly becomes upside-down. Since I’ve worked with a very many families and the estates that follow, there’s nearly always at least one or two who take it upon themselves to become pot-stirrers, and usually only for the reasons being of either greed, jealousy, hatred or all of the above. Some days ago I mentioned to a friend, how much better our world would be if we worked on following the path of the seven cardinal virtues, rather than the seven cardinal sins which in these have gained popularity. In spite of having a few impure thoughts about the creator of that letter, I was actually glad I shared it with my relative, and only because my long-held suspicions were confirmed.

My mid-afternoon closing on the home my mother used to own went very well, and since the buyers were there before my seller arrived, I spent a little time sharing some history of the home, as well as talking about that native Red Cedar tree which I planted many years ago. I did find out that they purchased the home for their daughter who’s moving here from a metro area, which will definitely be a good fit for her. My how that neighborhood has changed, and much for the better.

While walking out of the closing with my seller, among other things, I thanked her for taking such good care of my mother’s home these past six years, and especially how well she’d maintained those beautiful oak floors which I had lightly sanded and re-varnished. I couldn’t help giving her a big hug and a soulful well-wishing before I walked back to office. I did take one last stroll thru the home while out their picking up my sign this morning, and glad I did because it helped put the past into a more clear perspective.

As soon as I returned to office, I immediately drove the payoff letter and check to the bank that had the loan on her home, and only to make sure it got posted on today’s business. While out, I made a few other stops and then headed back to office to work on three files that’ll be closing next week.

I’m still up in the air about traveling a great distance to one of those closings, and if I choose not to, I’ll be sending those docs in an over-night. It’s not so much the price of gas, but rather the time away from office which bothers me, and especially knowing how active our market is. I personally have three buyers waiting for something to come on the market in their price ranges, so if one hits while I’m out of town, I’ll not be too happy with myself.

As crazy-busy I’ve been this work week, I’m both thankful and grateful there were no last minute problems or angry personalities to contend with during this humid-hot week.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Politics is show business for ugly people.

Joe Chodur

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