A Sneak Peek at 631 – 6th Ct. SE

A Sneak Peek at 631 – 6th Ct. SEView More Photos

Nearly the entire day ended up being a beauty except when the temps started climbing higher around mid-afternoon, but as long as one stayed in the shade, it really wasn’t bad at all. Yesterday’s rain certainly gave the grass and weeds another boost in growth, and for sure I’ll have to set aside some time this weekend to get my mowing done along with some additional putzing in the garden.

Most of my morning was spent meeting with clients to get signatures and then paying a visit to a closing company regarding an upcoming settlement. I also managed to get a drastic price reduction on my listing over at 36 S. Illinois Ave. which is now at a super-reduced price of $169,500.00 which is enough below what its competition is priced at. I know it’s gonna sell, and when it does, I’ll be scratching my head wondering why it took so long because that roomy home has everything a person would want, and more. Do put the word out about it because the seller wants it gone.

A client of mine called in a panic this afternoon asking if I’d have time to stop at her home to check on her water heater because she’s afraid there was water seepage in her basement from yesterday’s storm which might have got high enough to where it put out its pilot light. As chance would have it, I was already in her area so I stopped and looked at it. Since she can’t get down her basement steps due to her mobility, I was the next best thing. Sure enough it was out, but there was no water standing in puddles, but only a dampish floor. Whatever rainwater that came in, must’ve been a fast in and down the drain. Luckily I did get her water heater lit, so I guess that was my good deed for the day.

Just as I was pulling up to my office, one of my dear old clients parked behind me, so I walked over to his car and had a short but nice visit with him. He’s one that never calls, but only stops if he’s out and about, so if I’m there we chat, and if I’m not, he just drives on and waits for another day. Some day I’ll have to ask him how old he is because I’m pretty sure he’s heading towards his mid-nineties. I think much of his youthfulness comes from his daily regimen of exercise and prolific reading. A number of years ago, I told him I’m going use him as my model when I reach his age. To this day, I’ve never heard him say an unkind thing about anyone. I truly enjoy hearing him tell those comical stories about growing up in a household of all women. Too funny.

Late this afternoon, I listed the home I’ve been waiting for, so after all the documents were signed, I headed over to take measurements and photos. Since I’ll not have it plastered all over the internet thru our MLS until early tomorrow morning, I thought I’d give you all a sneak peek at 631 – 6th Ct. SE here in Mason City, Iowa. The above photo is the exterior, and if you want to see the rest of them, just click on the photo and a slide-show will begin for you.

Many years ago I happened to sell this very home to a dear elderly couple by the name of Cletus and Anna Mae Hepp, who’d just sold their monster two-storied home due to their mobility issues. They lived there for a good number of years, and first-off Cletus passed, and then Anna Mae went to live in Cornerstone Assisted Living until she passed. Shortly after she moved there, I was called upon to sell her home. Still today, I remember them just about as clearly as I did those many years ago.

Now getting back to the home. Because I knew how exceptionally fussy Cletus was about his home and how well it was maintained, there’s no question it’s got the bones to make it just as nice or nicer than it was when they lived there.

First of all, I have it priced at a super-saver price of $82,500 which is a bargain considering it’s located on a quiet half-circle street in the Southeast area of our City. It’s many features include, 3 good-sized bedrooms, a brand new shingle job, permanent siding, newer high-efficient furnace and central air, a poured basement with a 3/4 bath that appears to have never had any water seepage which is a plus in case a buyer would like to add a rec room and/or additional bedroom, a newer single garage, a “breakfast” deck off the kitchen, and a private rear yard.

The home’s oak floors need a light refinishing, some interior doors need replacing due to some rough use by previous tenants, the kitchen cabinets just need a good cleaning and re-varnishing, the windows all need to be cleaned and re-varnished, many nail holes filled and then the entire interior given a fresh coat of paint and when finished, you’d end up with a home worth likely over 100K. Yes, that’s what kind of market we have for lipsticked mid-century ranch homes. With that said, there’s no doubt in my mind, any forward-thinking buyer will look at this home and say, “This home would give me my instant savings account once it’s cleaned up.” Talk about future equity a-waiting.

If you like what you see, don’t wait even a moment to give me a call so I can open it up for you because there’s no question it’ll be gone before you know it. Once again I’m saying, it’s darned hard to find a solid three bedroom ranch under a $100K in North Iowa, so take notice.

When reading the news out of Ukraine today, I shook my head when reading what that imbecile Dmitry Medvedev said about Zelensky’s visit being the presidents of France, Germany and Italy. In his stupidity he remarked something like, “What’s the big deal over people who concern themselves with frogs, liverwurst and spaghetti?” Yes, he is an idiot, and to think he was Putin’s puppet president of Russia for a short time.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Nothing annoys your enemies more than finding you’ve forgiven them and then became steadfastly indifferent.

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631 6th Ct. SE Mason City
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