Putin and Rasputin

Another Sunday arrived which meant I had to get to my quite and darkened corner early this morning, just so I could have my contemplative prayer session completed before the the street noise started.

This morning’s session was longer, and mostly due to my having decided to do some additional internal reflecting which I believe is very important for one’s spiritual and mental health. Living in the world of “it’s all about me”, makes it all the more important for people to start taking a closer look at themselves instead of sitting on their pity pots and blaming the world for having victimized them, when in fact, they’ve done it to themselves. On a near daily basis, I freely chastise myself for something I have or have not done, which is just Ok because if we don’t keep ourselves on our toes, who will?

After I walked out of my session, I changed my clothes and headed out to do some serious yard work which had me busy nearly the entire day. First it was picking up sticks, then it was pulling weeds, and finally the mowing.

I did take a few breaks thru-out the day where I went for a long walk, had an extended lunch, and took a few photos which I thought worthy of sharing. I had to stop and go inside a few times during this morning’s intermittent rain. While out, I happened to catch a glimpse of a bald eagle flying high overhead, a red headed woodpecker pecking away, and a blue heron near a small body of water. Of course seeing those vile deer at a distance is almost a daily occurrence. I did remind an old gent today, that back when I was young, you’d almost never see a deer, and if you did, it was likely running along a fence-line a good 80 acres away. Unlike in these times, back in those days, farmers kept their fence lines free of trees and undergrowth which create attractive hiding places for nocturnal creatures during daylight hours.

While out walking, the thought came to me that I’d best not be in tall grass or under trees because this is the time when ticks are looking for hosts. Well, when I got back to office to change my clothes, I must’ve had a knee-jerk reaction to something I felt on my neck, and when I went to scratch it, it moved. Talk about being freaked-out when finding it was a wood tick. Thank goodness it hadn’t yet bitten me, and likely because it must’ve crawled all the way up my jeans and long-sleeved shirt, or possibly it dropped on my back when I was walking under some trees. I’m still in dis-belief I actually thought about them when I decided to go for a walk, and in the end, I got one on me. Oh how I hate those nasty things, and especially when knowing they’re responsible for the spread of Lyme Disease. I’m just glad I had my jeans and long-sleeved shirt on today.

While visiting with a friend of mine several days ago, we somehow got to talking about the history of Russia, and of course wicked me couldn’t help comparing similarities between Putin and Rasputin who was actually responsible for alienating the Romanov family from the general Russian population which in turn, brought about the Bolshevik Revolution, and then reeling forward in time to today’s Russia where another “Putin” who came from humble beginnings, weaseled his way into the inner-circle, and after the dust settled, he ended up being the top dog. My only hope is that Putin’s personal war with Ukraine will create another revolt, and hopefully for the good of all because the Russian people have never truly had a taste of real democracy. Don’t you think it’s time?

While visiting with an elderly lady today, she mentioned how much different our society has become, and for whatever reason, blames most of it on the pandemic. I did mention that I’ve noticed how much more impetuous buyers and sellers have become, along with some exhibiting gross sensitivities to where one is walking on egg shells just so they’re not stirred up over something innocently said or done.

All of these recent shootings in our Country has got me wondering what’s triggering such radical mindsets where a person one day just decides to go shot some innocent people. You may think me completely bat-shite crazy, but I’ve had my thoughts that there could be some sort of dark force involved where those shooters are mentally possessed. I truly believe in a very short-term possession, so perhaps there’s an even stronger force of evil that can take hold of a person for days and weeks. We must always remind ourselves that where-ever there’s good, there’s also evil lurking in the shadows. When you look at all religions past and present, there’s always been one form of evil or another. Right?

With the little rain we had, along with the higher temps, North Iowa’s crops should be taking off, so let’s hope this wind stops blowing and the light rain keeps coming. Pretty much everyone I come in contact with has something to say about these endless windy days.

A number of people I’ve visited with recently were either hosting or attending a Memorial Day gathering this weekend, and of course this is the weekend Clear Lake’s tourist season begins, so be prepared for congestion if you decide to pay our neighboring City a visit. In more ways than one, that community has got its act together.

I’m going to play it by ear tomorrow where I’ll first-off pay my respects to my dearly departed, and then just let the day take me where it will. I do hope all of you are having a delightful three day weekend.

Tonight’s One-liner is: All faults may be forgiven of those who’ve been blessed with perfect candor.

Joe Chodur

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