What My Centenarian Said

In spite of the the sun coming out, that bitterly cold wind spoiled what could’ve been a pleasant day. I’m noticing more people are finally waking up to the fact that we’re getting far more windy days than we’ve ever had, which is causing more concern over the growing season we have ahead of us. It seems these weather abnormalities are taking place more often which are quite troubling.

The absolute highlight of my day, was spending a good hour visiting with a long-term client of mine who’s now in a nursing home. I couldn’t possibly let her 100th birthday pass without finding an appropriate card and hand-delivering it to her.

She certainly looked good, along with being in full memory capacity to where I felt like I was visiting with the same person I’d met a very many years ago. Oh, if the general public only knew about the positions she held and the places she’s been, there’d be many waiting at her door for an audience. Yes, she’s quite the dear one, and for sure I’ll be visiting her more often.

When talking about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, she had not a kind thing to say about him, along with mentioning how she has those poor people in her daily prayers. We both agreed that all the many young children who’ve been exposed to the trauma of that war, will likely never be the same for the rest of their lives. Cities can be re-built, but destroyed lives cannot. I actually could’ve sat and visited with her for another hour, but I knew she’d been getting numerous visits throughout the day.

While driving back to office, I began thinking about all the decades of change she experienced since her birth in 1922, which meant she lived thru the Great Depression, the Second World War, along with all the other historical happenings which most of us can only read about.

A customer called this morning to get a little more information on a property I told him about, so I proceeded to relay all the information I had on it. He mentioned it not being the perfect fit, but a possibility. We’ll see what happens this week.

I’ve been working with some buyers who’re approved well past the 100K range these past weeks, but still can’t seem to find them something. The pickings are getting all the slimmer as we’re approaching summer, so we’ll see if something does hit the market. They’d buy here in Mason City, but they want more privacy than what a normal town lot offers, so if you know of anyone thinking about selling a three bedroom with at least a bath and a half, and located off the beaten path, have them give me a call because I just may have a buyer for them.

I forgot to mention to all of you that I’m also growing some Magnolia trees from seed, and today I noticed they’re starting to sprout. I was lucky enough last Fall to pick some of their seed pods before the birds had them, so I let them dry and stored them away until it was time for them to be planted. At first I didn’t think they’d come up because it seemed to take forever for them to push their heads above the soil. If indeed I manage to get them all to grow, that will be quite the accomplishment, and if they do, I’ll likely have enough to create one long hedge row. I’ve finally come to appreciate the beauty of Magnolia trees.

My peppers and tomatoes are doing well, but I’m growing fearful we’re going to have a late planting season which means I’ll have to keep them from getting too big before they’re planted outdoors. For sure I’ll have to place some plastic covers over them, just to protect them against the elements while they’re adjusting to their new “digs”. How well I know about transplant shock.

I read a long article this afternoon about a Russian school teacher who’d got himself in trouble for refusing to teach materials to his students regarding things he knew were false, and especially the so-called Nazis taking over Ukraine. When checking with other schools, he found that the age group of students the Russian government was targeting, were the ages 14 – 18 years old. Sounds quite a bit like what took place in Germany with the Brown Shirts. Like Hitler said, “If I can control the youth, I can control a nation.”

The teacher finally quit his job, and is now looking for a way for he and his wife to exit Russia. He went on to say how he knew some of those teachers didn’t agree with teaching their students such lies, but they felt compelled to do it simply out of fear. What likely triggered his “standing his ground”, was his previous occupation prior to becoming a teacher, which was a government security officer who had to deal with government protestors, and later realized how corrupt the Russian government really was.

We’re still getting a great deal of activity on 36 S. Illinois and 804 N. Jackson, so perhaps when this weather finally straightens out, we’ll be seeing some offers come in. There’s a late showing on 1125 W. State St. today, so hopefully I’ll be hearing some good news from the selling agent.

Well, it looks like Russia has just put their troops in eastern Ukraine on the offensive, so let’s all pray even harder that the Ukrainian troops will be able to push them back. Simply repeating what my centenarian said today which was, “I still can’t believe someone hasn’t yet put a bullet in Putin.” Yes, she definitely still has her fine mind.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Accursed be he that first invented war.

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