Iowa Child

Oh how wonderful it was to have the sun out, the wind having gone down, and the temps having risen to almost 60 degrees. It’s amazing when finding how our outlooks suddenly turn brighter when the sun shines and that cold north wind isn’t blowing. I truly enjoy the cooling north wind on hot summer days, but not any other time.

It was a hodge-podge day of duties for me, and the first one, was to send a letter to someone who’d assumed I would allow myself to become embroiled in a conflict which I had absolutely no attachment to. I had to keep my cool when composing my correspondence because all I kept thinking, “Who gave you any idea I would allow myself to be pulled into a controversy between people I’ve had nothing to do with?” There’s no question there are those who think Realtors have nothing better to do than play the part of third party information givers who have zero attachments to the problems of others.

It wasn’t the least bit surprising when reading the recent news about Wahun China, where it’s pretty clear the Chinese government has been attempting to do a major cover-up on the actual number of deaths associated with the coronavirus. One of the commentators believe those numbers exceed 2 million. It sort of makes sense when looking at the numbers, because on average there’s been that 1 – 10% of the people who contract it, unable to shake it off, and subsequently die. So, if you have a population of well over a billion, the math would make sense. What a terrible shame when thinking those numbers would’ve been greatly lessened if they would’ve immediately alerted everyone when it was first discovered, and began taking steps to contain its spread.

If any person on this earth thinks it’s going to business as usual after this is over, they’re in denial, because the psychological effects and economic pains will be long-lasting. I’ve been mentioning to all the many, that everyone should begin looking for ways to live without their “taken for granted” comforts, and start learning to make do, along with discovering how to be more self-sufficient.

I have a closing coming up on Wednesday, so I met the buyers out at the house for their final walk-thru. Unfortunately, the seller didn’t have everything out, but hopefully when I stop over there tomorrow, it’ll be cleared. I do hate being a people pesterer, but there are days when it becomes a necessity. I’ll never understand why people wait until the last day to get everything removed from their homes, and especially when they’re no longer living there.

When digging thru some writings today, I happened upon a befitting description of many of us native Iowans, which was written by a woman named Sarah Hall Maney. Her free verse is titled, “Iowa Child”, and the following is copied in its original form.

I am an Iowa child
Part and product of the land on which I grew
Flat and open and straight, like
the farm roads that bordered the corn
Friendly and receptive, like the rich,
black soil that grows the corn
Simple, and plain, but productive,
like the fields of soy beans and hay

Yes, I am an Iowa child
There have been times when
I have kept it hidden
Pretending somewhere, something, someone else
But today I stand with it
Drawing upon the strength of it–
Acknowledging the unique gifts
I share with it

Of course an Iowa child has not many
deep, intriguing forests within–
Not many clear, refreshing lakes to draw upon
No lofty, grand mountain peaks to soar from
No yawning canyons to descend–

And I know my Iowa child must live
And come to terms with the part of me
That is controlled, precise, yearning
to be perfect–
Like the squared-off, ruler straight rows
of hybrid seed corn

Perhaps I will never be
as exciting, as spontaneous,
as a tumbling Colorado mountain stream
As magnificent as a
crashing California ocean wave
As serene and stately as a Minnesota pine tree

But no matter
I am who I am
An Iowa Child
And that is enough

Tonight’s one-liner is: If people are interested in changing the direction of our Country, Iowa is the battleground.

Joe Chodur

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