I was Shorted

I got myself up and off to the office all the earlier this morning because of what I’d already scheduled to get accomplished. It was again below freezing, but not so much that it was biting. We are now officially past those nasty two weeks I spoke about which have in years past, been the most beastly cold.

After checking for messages, I got myself comfortably seated, and went to work at getting a great deal of information gathered on last year’s sales so I could get all those statistics posted where they belonged. I had to take a couple breaks in the process because I felt like I was getting myself over-loaded with information.

Once I established a rhythm of sorts, it went much faster with the data entry. By the time I was finished, I looked at the clock and realized I’d spent nearly three hours at it, and all the happier I had it completed for another year.

Shortly after I finished, I had several clients and customers arrive who were looking for additional information of which I had, which killed about another hour of my morning, and by that time, the lunch hour had rolled around, and thankful for it because I needed to get out and get some supplies purchased.

While down on S. Federal, I figured I’d stop at Kwik Trip and grab something to munch on. They did have a sandwich special that looked good, but when I got it back to my office and took a bite or two, it wasn’t the least bit to my liking. I ate about half of it, and then wrapped the rest of it back up and into the waste bin it went. This pickiness of mine over the quality of fast food can be a hit and miss operation when out looking for something good to eat over the noon hour.

With it being a light day with callers, I forged ahead and started working on bank reconciliations and bill paying. To my delight, I was able to burn thru those reconciliations in record time, because everything balanced to the penny. It seems nearly every month there’s some small error I have to go digging for, but not this time around. It was a well-deserved pat on the back I gave myself.

While over at the Post Office, I decided it was that time again for me to load up on stamps, and of course the windows were three deep, but did decide to wait. When I got up to the counter, I asked to see their new collector stamps, and was delighted to find a number of new ones, so I purchased more than I’d planned. While walking out, I looked at my receipt, and suddenly had the feeling I was shorted on stamps, so I stood there and counted them. Sure enough, the clerk shorted me a page, so I walked back in and pointed out her mistake, of which she embarrassingly corrected.

I know everyone makes mistakes, but it seems whenever out purchasing something, there seems to be all the more mistakes in pricing, and whenever I’ve mentioned something about it in passing with others, most have said how little or no attention they pay when getting checked-out at registers. Had I not caught that post office mistake, I would’ve been out $11.00, and over this past weekend, a price on some goods I purchased registered $14.00 more than they should’ve been. So in less than one week, I would’ve been out $25.00 if I’d not been paying attention. It makes a person wonder how much money our consumers unknowingly allow themselves to be cheated out of on a monthly basis.

My late afternoon appointment was with a gentleman wanting me to write an offer on a home. It didn’t take that long to get it written up, but we did have a few other things to chat about, so by the time he left, it was approaching closing time. I got all the docs scanned and emailed to the listing agent along with a note saying how I personally believed it was a very good offer considering how much work the home needed. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

With about a half hour to kill before heading home, and grateful I was able to get more accomplished than I’d expected, I went back to my piano and ran thru a number of religious hymns. Since I’ve not been recently scheduled to play at St. Paul Lutheran, I figured it best I make an effort to keep up with my playing just in case they’ll soon be asking me to play a Service for them. I’ve grown to enjoy playing their vintage pipe organ, and even though she gets a little quirky at times, it’s always lovingly forgiven when considering her age.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The rarest of unions is beauty and purity.

Joe Chodur

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