Re-Visiting 1 Briarstone Court

It wasn’t so typical of a Monday morning with the gray skies and misty on-and-off rain we were getting, but what really surprised me, was seeing how heavy the ground fog was.  Now that looked like something we’d normally see in September or October.  I only hope we’re not going to have a repeat of last winter because that was a beast.

A past client called over the weekend and left a message for me to call him whenever I had a free moment, so I did.  Having been well over a year since we last spoke, I found there’d been many things happening in his life which I would’ve never expected.

After we brought each other up to speed on recent events, he proceeded to tell me his main reason for calling.  Having been a Realtor for a great many years, he must’ve thought I’d be his best bet for giving some sound advice regarding some real estate questions he had.

I listened to his story, and about all I could do was go back to a point I’ve made with many, and that being for him to make a decision based on what he believed would be the best for himself in the long run.  As always, many people prefer being told what they would personally do in such situations, but I don’t believe it a good idea because we can’t crawl into the minds of others and know exactly where they’re coming from.

After a while I could tell I wasn’t making any sort of impact on his decision-making process until I shared my idea of what everyone’s home should be, and that being a sanctuary.

Whenever most speak of a sanctuary, it’s usually either in a religious sense, or a shelter of safety from something evil or dangerous.  If you expand on its meaning, you’ll find that it’s also a place for renewal, and that being a re-energizing of a person’s mind, body, and above all, spirit.

With that said, I believe the perfect home to be a place where we can go to shed all outside thoughts of day-to-day happenings, and begin our renewal processes to where we’re once again re-invigorated to face another tomorrow.  It really doesn’t matter what people do or don’t do in their home sanctuaries, as long as it’s providing the healing of mind, body, and spirit we not only need, but at times desperately desire.

There’ve been a few times when I’ve asked buyers to give themselves the litmus test of sanctuary in homes they’re going back to see for the second or third time.  Because of the way many are now “staging” their homes, there could be illusions of sorts being presented for buyers that really aren’t there, which is why I encourage people to take their time to really get the “feel” of homes they’re looking at, instead of being all wrapped up in their visuals.

Because each of us are on different paths of growth and human development, there are homes that would make great sanctuaries for some, but not for others.  This is why I rarely give my own personal opinion regarding choice of homes when asked, because I’m not the one who’ll be living there.

I’m sure you now think me to be a terribly persnickety person when it comes to homes I would or wouldn’t live in, but in actuality I’m not.  What I personally look for is that very same “feel” I’ve encouraged others to experience because it’s something coming from one’s core.

I will say I’m not a fan of homes that have layers of styles and dysfunctional improvements which had fallen out of fashion not long after they’d fallen in.  Another annoying feature I’ve found is the re-making of a home’s interior to the point where you’d swear it was generations older or newer than what you’d viewed from the curbside.

I’m definitely not a purist, but the attempts people make in changing interior and/or exterior styles, make them all the less appealing.  I insist that if you’re going to improve, you must keep the over-all character of a given home the same, which brings to mind some of the most distasteful additions I often see when driving around our fair City.  You can be sure most contractors could give a hoot about balance because that’s all they’re concerned with is doing what the owner wants so they can get paid, and then on to the next mangled mess of discordant styles.

I’m hoping I did give today’s gentleman some good advice, just so he’ll make the right decision that’ll give him the sanctuary he’s been searching for, and after hearing him tell of recent happenings, I’d say he’s all the more in need of a good renewal.

I’m re-visiting 1 Briarstone Court because in spite of the fact we’re getting the showings we”d expected, the seller wants it sold more sooner than later.  That particular home is also going to make someone a wonderful sanctuary because of its over-all size and the privacy it affords.  With it being located out on our ever-popular west-side,  I’m still convinced its new owners are going to be transplants from either out in the countryside, or one of our Nation’s metro areas.  For sure, it’ll provide a quieter and gentler place to call home.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  There is no sanctuary of virtue like home.

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