Perfect Balance of Light

Since I’ll be working real estate tomorrow, I figured I’d take some time off to get some yard work done, along with little chores that’ve been hanging all week. Of course it did have to get warmer outdoors than I would’ve liked, but I trudged thru it, and came out sweating like a butcher.

With it being so warm, I did have to stop and take some water breaks, and while taking a pause after my little chore, I happened to notice a neighbor out working in her yard whom I hadn’t spoken to in some time, so I walked across the street and had a long chat with her over the happenings in the neighborhood.

After hearing some of the shenanigans of grown adults, I once again said, “People are saying and doing things in broad daylight that we wouldn’t have considered saying or doing behind closed doors and shuttered windows.” I was happy to hear she’s one who came from a relatively strict family and still adheres to those very same standards. Having brought each other up to speed with recent turn of events, I bid her farewell and walked away thinking our entire City is turning into Peyton Place. I did holler back with a deserved compliment on her meticulously cared-for home and yard.

I didn’t get all the yard work done I wanted, but at least I got the major portion finished so I wouldn’t have to take time off work during the week to do it. Now that we haven’t had any measurable precipitation, the grass and weeds shouldn’t be growing as quickly which will give me a welcome reprieve.

With a little time to spare, I went and inspected the near-finished job of a large concrete project I had ordered. Even though I pretty much had in my mind what it was going to look like, I was still amazed at how quickly it changed the overall appearance of the property. When finished, it’ll be a good, yet long over-due improvement. Now if only there’d be all the more homeowners in our City that would start making repairs and improvements on their own homes, we’d have a community worth talking about in a good way.

If there’s one thing that’s pulling us all down into the pit, is the amount of time the general public spends on their phones, tablets, and computers. I can guarantee that 75% of their time spent online, is useless nonsense that’s one huge waste of time. And what I noticed with those young workers of Country Landscape yesterday, was how slow moving and definitely appearing physically un-fit to be laboring. Nearly every one of them were under 30, but definitely showing some flab.

My dear mother used to make some pretty sharp comments about people who were going to the gym everyday or running too many miles instead of getting out and doing some real work where they’d not only get their exercise, but also have something to show for it. There was more than a grain of truth in her words because people who do various types of physical work, do appear to have come out of daily gym trainings.

Having not ventured out for several months to one of my favorite small town country churches, I decided to make time and travel there late this afternoon. It was a pleasant drive, and for sure it’s been longer than I thought because of how the landscapes have changed.

I got there early enough to seat myself and have about ten minutes of my own quiet spiritual time for prayer and reflection. I mentioned to a few in my circle that there’s something off-worldly about the inside of that church. I can’t say if it’s all the more filled with the Holy Spirit, or if there’s a near perfect balance of light and sound within. Now you’ll certainly think me crazy when saying that there’ve been several times that I could’ve sworn I could feel “something” exceptionally calming move thru me which lasted perhaps ten or fifteen seconds.

That church is so far away from Mason City, that there’s only one or two people who go there that I know in passing. All the rest of them are perfect strangers, and that’s just fine by me. As what’s normally found in those small town churches, there was a good mix of young, middle-aged, and elderly in attendance.

The sermon was acceptable, the traditional music was exceptional, and the drive back was even more comforting because it gave me time to think about today’s religious experience. Another distinct difference I noticed with that congregation, is the more reverent care they take in the clothing they wear. No shorts or t-shirts were seen within.

I’m hoping for a good turnout at tomorrow’s open house at Prairie Place on 1st’s condominiums which will take place between 1:00 – 3:00 pm. I’m pretty sure there’ll be some return lookers, and likely zeroing in on the last two “Clover” floor plans that are available. If you know anyone looking for the best of the best senior housing, tell them to stop over tomorrow.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Don’t let ambition get so far ahead that it looses sight of the job at hand.

Joe Chodur

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