The Mood for God

There was quite the wicked looking cloud formation to the west of us this morning, and I was near certain we were going to get a good shower out if it.  As I was driving to work, there were several people standing outside their buildings looking up and pointing at those clouds.  A number of years ago I took some photos of a similar formation, and had several of them blown up because they were exceptionally creepy-cool.  As chance would have it, I was working with a meteorologist at the time and after showing them to him, he sternly said, “Those types of cloud formations are dangerous ones because they can easily turn into deadly tornados.”  I’ve seen several of them since then including today’s, and you can be sure I was being watchful of them.

As much as I believed my day to be pre-planned, that rain put a rapid stop to my morning chores which was to get some yard work done.  Oh well, there’s always another day isn’t there?  I did have a few calls I needed to make, and one of them was to a contractor who’d promised me he’d have some work I needed done almost a year ago.  What angered me the most, was that I depended on him to do it, and likely could’ve had it done months ago by someone else if he hadn’t continued to give me lame excuses.  We’ll see what this coming week brings because I really gave him the raspberries this morning.

There’s one positive side of having that piano at my office because on occasion it gives me an opportunity to settle myself down and loose my thoughts by playing random pieces out of a hymn book.  It didn’t take more than a half hour of playing to get myself balanced after my stinging phone call to that contractor.

A delightful young gentleman stopped by with some information I needed and ended up staying for a good chat regarding his over-all impression of Mason City.  He’s been living here for several months now and seems to be liking it.  Of course he brought up some of the negatives which I knew he’d discover sooner or later.  All in all, I believe he’s taken by North Iowa enough to where he’ll be staying.  I did find he does have a taste for reading which I admire all the more in our younger generation because it seems even reading books is on it way to becoming a lost pastime.

As it was approaching noontime, I was feeling a little hungry so I drove out to a fast food restaurant and grabbed a sandwich and took it back to my office.  Every time I stop at those purveyors, I’m always amazed at how many people are in the drive-thru as well as those numbers seated within.  What I can’t understand is why there are so many seniors eating out.  I’m beginning to think few if any people cook their meals at home which tells me this is yet one more evolution of what life must be like in these times for our retirees.  I know of far too many seniors who’ve grown dependent on alcohol, opioids, and trouble-making, and likely due to having absolutely nothing better to do.

My public open house at 415 – 1st St. SE went quite well today with the number of couples in attendance.  If I counted correctly, there were eight groups.  There’s one particular couple who seemed interested in the whole package, but they’ll have a house to sell which I think would if it’s priced right.  Since I’ve done work for that family in the past, I’m sure their home is in tip-top shape.  I’m hoping with the amount of activity at that home today, there’ll be some action on it this coming week.

After picking up my signs and returning to the office, I checked for emails and phone messages, and then decided I might as well go to a church Service this afternoon.  I was so much hoping my not-so-favorite minister and musician wouldn’t be there, but as chance would have it, they were both “on stage”.   The Service as a whole was fine and likely due to having caught myself every time I’d start being critical over something that was being said by the minister or played by their pianist.

I did smile to myself when hearing their show-off pianist playing something while they were between parts, and suddenly a memory popping into my head of a time when I was in a large department store in the Twin Cities where they had a grand piano being continually played by someone in their main lobby.  The “mood” music he was playing today sounded just like what I heard those many years ago.  I guess he was trying to get us all in the “mood” for God.  I only wish all church keyboard musicians would play hymns as they’re written instead of adding inappropriate frills and spills.

I’ve been thinking of late about conducting a random survey with people I know about their thoughts on the formation of a more traditional church service where all the music being played and sung would be from a generation or two back.  Seeing today how some of the older ones were attempting to sing those broad ranges and syncopations, I’d say they’d welcome it with open arms.  Perhaps our Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, and Presbyterian churches would start having greater weekly attendances.  Don’t you think it’s worth investigating?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Religious participation is easily obtained with hymns that’ve survived generations.

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