Language for a Granny

As much as we want our days to always be delightful, it seems the laws of the universe call for a counter-balance.  As much as I’ve read over the years, every once in a while, there’d be something written about creating a “super-balance” in life to where we manage to get our pendulums to come to a near-perfect “still”.  It makes sense doesn’t it?  If we consider the good and bad, highs and lows, joys and sorrows we encounter, to be nothing more than the swinging of our own personal pendulums, then what better way is there than have near absolute balance in our lives if we could but slow our pendulums down to an almost complete and balanced “halt”?

You’re likely thinking now that if our pendulums are at a stand-still, we’ll be living psychologically battleship gray days the rest of our lives, but in fact that’s not the case because the more we live in the realm of near balance, those little nuances of joys and sorrows become more noticeable, yet void of the radical effects nearly all of us in these times are allowing ourselves to experience.

I’ve mentioned to some over the years how important it is to focus on events and happenings that are un-noticed, dismissed, or even flown over in today’s world because of our society’s pre-programmed cravings for all the more higher highs and lower lows.  I’m sure you remember some of the old television serials and cinema movies that scared the “yell” out of us when young, but after watching them in these times, they’d be near laughable because we’ve un-knowingly allowed our sensitivities to be worn down.

Just today someone mentioned how potty-mouthed his mother of 77 years is when mentioning how freely and openly she uses the “f” word.  Nice language for a granny don’t you think?  I can only imagine what kind of examples she’s setting for her grandchildren.

What I really dislike about our current political scene, is how little if any decorum remains when reading and hearing accusations and comments out of the mouths of our elected officials.  It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Congress starts acting like elected officials in third world government chambers where there’s swearing, slapping, and even brawling.  Heaven help us all if that starts.

One of my dearest of clients stopped by late this morning with some information regarding her home.  Every time I’m around her, I sense a great goodness. Today she was being overly worrisome regarding minor things to where I finally said, “Please, let me do the worrying because it’s my job, and that’s part of what you’re paying me for.”  I think I lifted her spirits enough to where she walked out a little happier than when she arrived.

My afternoon appointment took me out to a home that’s being readied to sell.  I gave my blessing on all the work that’s been done thus far, and congratulated the owner on the quality of work.  I’m going to be listing it next week, and hopefully at an action price where it’ll sell more sooner than later.  I’ll be listing it in our “mid-range”, so if there are buyers out there for it, they should be rushing to see it.  I already have a couple in mind for it, so they’ll be the first I’ll call when I have it listed.

Before leaving, we both had a nice chat regarding grief and the number of months and years it takes to get it all in balance.  I shared some thoughts as well as happenings with her regarding my mother’s death and more than happenstance things that had taken place afterwards, so I’m hoping there were a few things I said which she could relate to regarding the recent death of her loved one.  We shared other “beyond coincidence” happenings that took place after those deaths, and just before I got into my car, she mentioned something else that occurred which was so touching, I actually started to well up with tears.  I’m going to remain confident she’ll soon be able to get past her days of sorrow.

It looks like we’re on track for a quick close next week on a property I sold less than a month ago.  I can’t thank the loan officer at First Citizens enough for getting that loan pushed thru.  My buyer is in near shock by how fast it’s all been happening, and all the more thankful because she won’t have to place her furniture in storage while waiting for her loan to close.  I only wish we could have hundreds more like her moving to our “Berg”, just so to replace a number of trouble-making naughty monkeys we have “clinging” to the branches of our City.  Why can’t we all begin to work diligently for a more perfect world?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  In a perfect world, people wouldn’t have to move to another country to get higher wages.

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