Steps of Light

It was quite the beautiful day again here in North Iowa.  In spite of it hovering around 90 degrees mid-afternoon, the gentle breezes we were getting helped to keep it cooled off.  I really noticed the temperature difference tree cover makes while I was showing homes today, because every time I’d be out in full sun, it felt about 10 degrees warmer.

The young couple I’ve been working with these past weeks have zeroed in on one particular home they’re liking all the more now that they’ve seen it for the third time.  Fortunately, one of the parents is very capable at making repairs and improvements that most buyers would have to pay for, and since I’ve seen his work, he’ll hopefully be teaching his son while working on those projects.  I have no doubts that if they do manage to purchase it, they’ll be a great asset for the neighborhood because that home happens to be in one of those districts of our City which is teetering on getting better or possibly worse.

I did take time this morning to visit the art festival over at our museum.  As I’d suspected, there were a number of people in attendance I knew which meant I was visiting more than I was investigating the art stalls.  I was impressed by the number of artists that were there who were selling their works, and as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always enjoyed purchasing original artwork.  There happened to be some pottery pieces created by one of the artists there which I thought to be inspiring, but unfortunately I was pulled aside by some people I knew, and never did get back to take a closer look.

After getting some phone calls returned and emails sent, I changed my clothes and went out and did some tedious and time consuming yard work.  By the time I finished, I was tuckered out to the point where I chided myself for being out there so long.  What made matters worse, was my not having a hat at the office to wear, so I was bare-headed those hours.  For sure I’ll be looking pretty pink in the morning.

After thinking about something unusual which I happened to see in a home several days ago, I decided it being something worth talking about in a metaphoric way.  What I felt fortunate to see that day, was the way the morning sunlight was shining in three exact-sized windows, but because of the angle of the sun, there were three distinct steps of light that were shining on a bedroom wall.  Those rectangular golden steps created a near perfect pattern on the wall to where you’d swear they were painted by someone as a wall decoration.

Because I was so impressed by what I saw, I began thinking how we humans either remain on certain steps of spiritual understanding our entire lives, or work at stepping all the higher in an attempt to reach the top landing. Unfortunately there are those who’ve embraced the darkness and unknowingly continue to step backwards to where there’s no spiritual light to be found in that frozen darkness.

It’s interesting how often light is mentioned in many religions, as well as those of great spiritual understanding nearly always being depicted as holy ones bathed in a spiritual light.  Just think of the number of religious scenes we’ve seen that show saints and holy people with halos of light surrounding their heads.  We’ve also heard stories of near death experiences where people have “seen” themselves and/or those that’ve gone before them, bathed in light.

I’m sure glad I noticed those steps of light because it brought forward in my mind something that’s been nearly forgotten because like most of us, I don’t pay that much attention to such things when going about my daily chores of living.  I believe for a good while now, I’ll be appreciating the nuances of light, while drawing all the more spiritual comparisons.

After I got back to my office, I cleaned myself up and headed to a church service where I found myself a few minutes late. The sermon was good, the pianist was noteworthy, but the song leader was lacking.  Their leader of song was singing a bit off key along with the woman standing directly behind me. For sure, I must be getting all the more sensitive to off-pitch voices because of late, I’m noticing all the more of them.  Thank goodness the minister counter-balanced it with his fine voice.  I’m glad I went because I ran into several people I’ve not seen for some time, which gave me an opportunity to have a good visit after their Service.

It sounds like tomorrow is supposed to be an even more beautiful day because they’re predicting it to be cooler.  I’d say it sounds like a perfect recipe for getting outdoors and enjoying the beginning of summer, and if you think of it, try looking for your own steps of light.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Doubt grows with knowledge.

Joe Chodur

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