Magical Valuations

For sure everyone here in North Iowa wasn’t happy to see snow on the ground this morning.  Fortunately I just happened to awaken in the night and noticed it, so I was already prepared to find a white dusting.  Mother Nature is once again reminding us she’s still in control.

A call to one of my colleagues gave me a good laugh when talking about some of the ludicrous statements people make to us either verbally or in writing.  He was teasingly taunting me to pen back a response to a letter I recently received from someone who was being judgmental.  All I could say was, “I’ll continue to consider the source and leave it at that because I’ll likely never be in the mood to give that person the satisfaction of any sort of debate.”  I know it sounds terrible, but unfortunately it becomes a sad realization that once again, you can’t fix stupid.

There was another home showing this morning to a person I’ve been working with these past weeks, and I think we’ve now seen everything in her price range, so it’ll either be making a choice on one of them, or waiting for others to come on the market.  There are two good possibilities which I believe will work for her.

After being recently alerted that a very over-priced home just sold, I’d say we’re entering another period of “feeding frenzy” with Spring buyers.  All I can say is that whomever bought that house will have to plan on staying there for a very long time, and hope the market finally catches up with what they paid for it.  I hope they’re not outdoors people because there’ll have a crude awakening when they start smelling a disgusting odor coming from a nearby factory.  I would certainly consider that smell being a neighborhood stigmatization which should always be mentioned to prospective buyers.

Around mid-afternoon I had an extended showing over at Prairie Place on 1st to an exceptionally nice couple.  They asked all the right questions while making sure they were fully familiar with all the extras being offered.  Without a doubt, I’d say they’ll be another good “fit” for the complex which will be yet another addition to that wonderful community should they decide to purchase.

Just this afternoon I happened to look up a name of a woman I must’ve spent at least 12 hours with on multiple showings at Prairie Place last Fall. Every time she called it would be one of those “I want to see them again NOW.”  The more she spoke about not wanting to live around “old people” the more I bristled when seeing she was certainly no Spring chicken.

She did finally make a ridiculous offer on one which went nowhere.  Of course she blamed me for not “making” them take the offer she believed to be more than fair.  Another annoying factor was a brother-in-law along with a financial advisor who knew more about real estate prices in Mason City than I did.  Wow!  What magical valuations some out-of-town people can make without even being in the business, let alone ever having lived here. I wondered why that gal never returned my phone calls until today when seeing she purchased something “used” which she insisted she’d never do, along with never paying above assessed value which she most certainly did.

I was internally angry that she wasted so much of my time, but when looking at the whole picture, I’m all the more happy she didn’t end up buying one of the Prairie Place units because I never believed her to be of the same “fibre” as all those dear ones currently living there.  Perhaps it ended up being some sort of Divine intervention that was for the best of everyone involved.  I only hope I don’t run into her any time soon because I’ll likely say something about her inability to pick up the phone and return at least one of my calls. It has always been interesting to find how some people consider themselves royalty after coming into an inheritance.

As mentioned before, I’d say there are those in that 55+ age group who’ve picked up some dirty habits from what they’ve likely been seeing and hearing in the media which gives us all the more reason to remain fixed to tried and true standards that have worked for generations.

Tonight’s one-liner:  A true friend encourages us, comforts us, and supports us like a big easy chair offering us a safe refuge from the world.

Joe Chodur

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