Shrove Tuesday

At least the sun was shining from the beginning of dawn, but of course we did have to have that northwest wind blowing again.  Several people mentioned something about what our weather is supposed to be like this weekend, and both times I squealed, “No! We can’t handle anymore snow!” And you can be sure tonight’s photo tells it all.  I’m beginning to wonder if some weather wizard put a curse on North Iowa for some great wrong we’ve done, and now making us suffer for it.  If nothing else, we can place the blame on either Russia or China.  I say this because I read somewhere a number of years ago that if something goes the wrong way for a Russian citizen, he or she will oft times blame it on the British or Americans.  I wonder now if they still say that whenever there’s an unfortunate occurrence.

Most of my morning was spent running about on errands around town.  I also had to open a home up for one of my clients who decided to change out the refrigerator in the home she has listed, and today Alliant Energy came to pick up the old one.  As I mentioned before, being a Realtor calls for us to be involved in far more things than what the general public perceives.

The offer that I so much wanted to have under contract, didn’t materialize today.  I found out this morning that the selling agent’s buyer decided to buy a different home.  You can believe I didn’t want to make that call to my seller to tell her that the buyer jumped ship.  I felt all the more sad when she started crying on the phone.  We decided to do another price reduction and hopefully the next offer we have will be the perfect fit.  I wasn’t all that impressed with the offer we were working on, so I guess I must’ve “sensed” it wasn’t going to materialize.

I happened to read a letter today from a guy who’s been enabled by others all his life, and now has his hand out and wanting all the more money he doesn’t deserve.  For as long as I live, I will never understand the greed of some who work harder at taking what really doesn’t belong to them rather than going out and earning it for themselves.

Having heard this guy’s story, I’d say his mother is just as much to blame due to her having babied him far into his adult years. I met the guy once in passing, and the only thing I remember about him was the way in which he stood back in a shifty-eyed manner while watching the movements of others.  I normally wouldn’t have paid much attention, but at the time he sort of creeped me out.  People that conduct themselves in such a fashion remind me of birds of prey where they’re always looking for opportunities of weakness to arrive so they can strike.  Unfortunately, the woman he lived with for so many years was plain and simply, prey for him.

Did any of you go out and celebrate by having a big meal today?  You do know that it’s Shrove Tuesday today where people in most nations eat hearty and heavily party because tomorrow is the beginning of Lent.  So if you want to follow tradition, eat as much rich food before midnight tonight because starting tomorrow, you have to cut back on meat along with other rich foods.  Lent is not just the time for fasting, but also a 40 day period meant for reflection and working at bettering ourselves.  I’ve always encouraged people to not set such high goals of change because it just creates more opportunities for failure.

I went over to St. Paul Lutheran late this morning and picked up the music for this Sunday’s Service.  When I went upstairs to run thru them on their vintage pipe organ, I quickly noticed how they’re all of Lenten themes.  One of them I happened to recognize from when playing it once before.  I’d forgotten how beautiful its melody is, so from now on, I’ll have to keep it on my list of favorites.

In spite of the drifting, I decided to run up to Northwood to deliver some documents.  The roads were not as good as I’d expected, but at least I made it up there and back without any issues.  I did have a nice chat with one of the ladies from that office who happens to be the nicest of Northwood people.  Whenever she waits on me I can’t thank her enough for being so kind.

As expected, 336 – 26th St. SW had an offer on it today, but unfortunately it was too low.  I’m hoping we’ll soon get another that’s more favorable.  I priced it well within its range, so hopefully there’ll be others who’ll recognized its value.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The superior person understands what’s right; the inferior person recognizes what can be taken.

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