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We can chalk up our early morning of the 12th of October 2018 as being our first noticeable freeze because at 6:30 this morning, my outside digital thermometer read 29 degrees.  For sure, we’ll be seeing some definite signs of Fall. Now lets all hope the rain has stopped long enough for our area’s fields to dry out so the farmers can get their crops out.  I’m sure it’s been very nerve-wracking for them when knowing there’s absolutely nothing they can do other than wait.  Believe me, I’ve been recently praying for this vicious circle to stop.

Knowing I had an early closing on one of my listings in Clear Lake this morning, I made sure to go over to the house and get my for sale and sold sign pulled before closing, and the last thing I normally do, is to get my so-called computerized lockbox off the front door.  Getting a lockbox off is generally not a problem, but today of all days, that darned thing wouldn’t open because it kept giving me error signals.  That’s the second time this year I’ve had a problem with that particular lockbox.

I hurried back to the office and called that company’s weak customer service, and like nearly all call desks, they’re more interested in getting you off the phone than they are in helping you.  That sassy young lady wasn’t listening to me when I carefully and clearly told her my problem, and the next thing she said was, “Now put your card in the lockbox and…”  I stopped her in the middle of her sentence and said, “I just told you I’m calling from my office because for some reason, I have no service on my cell phone when I’m at that property, and of course you can’t see I’m calling from a landline!”  For sure you can guess the response I got which was, “There’s no need to raise your voice because I’m only trying to help you.”   All I did was take a deep breath and slowly repeat what I’d already told her.

Yes. She kicked back at me by rattling off a number of functions and numbers I had to enter on that box’s keypad so I could “reset” its internal clock and open for me.  In a smarty pants voice I said, “Would you mind repeating the instructions you just gave me?”  She did, and thank goodness I take notes fast because that’s all I had to do was re-confirm my funky note-taking shorthand.  I’m sure after I hung up she must’ve though I was a master at note-taking because once again, she purposely speed-rattled the directions off to me just so to punish me, and likely wanting me all the more off the phone. That was the un-deserved punishment I got because I chided her for not listening to me.  And people wonder why they get so frustrated with call centers.

I did manage to get that box off that door this morning, but unfortunately I had to go do it after my closing because I’d run out if time, and thank goodness the buyer was more than understanding why I couldn’t give her the keys that were in that box.  She did show up at the house just shortly after I got it off, and therefore, this morning’s little fiasco didn’t create any additional inconveniences for those involved.

The remainder of my afternoon was spent checking on furnaces and traveling to Fertile for signatures and then to Northwood for a recording.  I didn’t mind the drive one bit because it afforded me time to get a good look at the countryside.  I rarely take that route to Northwood, so I made sure to make all the more mental notes regarding some scenic areas I was driving thru.

Of course I didn’t have lunch, so I stopped at Burger King up at Diamond Joe’s casino.  I rarely have time to drive out to our City’s west-side Burger King, so I made sure to stop up there and order a Junior Whopper which is my favorite.  Speaking of my particular tastes, I’d say Burger King’s Whoppers and Junior Whoppers are the best burgers being served by any of our local fast food restaurant chains.

On another note, while speaking to a client today, we happened on the subject of smart home electronics and particularly Amazon’s “Alexa” which I’ve personally had experiences with, and found a bit too annoying to the point where I didn’t want to have anything more to do with it.  I happened to find a CBSN commentary regarding questionable happenings that took place during the testing of artificial intelligence, and with that said,  instead of providing you with my normal photo tonight, I’ve inserted that commentary for your review.

Don’t forget about my public open house tomorrow afternoon at 361 S. Pennsylvania, Unit 2C, which is far bigger and better-built than what you’d find out on the east or west sides of our City.  Being in walking distance to everything is what I’d most certainly prefer over any other locale.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant, and the crazy crazier.

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