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It was quite the downpour of rain this morning.  Thank goodness I was already at the office when it started.  It was yet another one of those storms where the clouds dropped sheets of rain.  And to think we have more in store for us later this week.  One of my clients told me that her rain gauge showed 1 1/2 inches.  After hearing that, it’s no surprise some of the intersections were flooded Downtown.

I’m beginning to wonder all the more if the pollutants coming from China is having an adverse effect on our weather.  I know it’s been proven that some of the trees on the west coast are being affected by the air and water pollution coming from the orient, and it only stands to reason when you look at the way in which the air and water currents are moving in the Pacific Basin.  Whether we want to believe it or not, we are all the more globally interconnected than we care to admit, simply because it’s sometimes too scary to think about.  Of course big money corporations and careless governments could care less a as long as their profits continue to rise and taxes continue to pour in.  Don’t forget to find and read the book, “Man’s Greatest Fear”.  It was fully researched and very well written.

I’ve still been working on an offer on Prairie Place on 1st which I’m not so sure which way it’ll go.  I really don’t understand sometimes why some of our seniors don’t look at the whole picture of retirement living.  There’s more money in the hands of our senior North Iowans than most could possibly imagine, but the unfortunate thing about many of them, is that they’ve grown so hard-coded to saving money, they almost need to have someone peel their fingers back from the tight grips they have on their checkbooks.

As far as I’m concerned, legacies are far too much of the driving force of accumulating wealth.  I know first-hand how fast beneficiaries can burn thru their loving parents or grandparents money bequests.  I’ll never forget seeing one of them pulling up to the curb in his brand new candy apple red Ford Mustang convertible.  He must’ve felt slighted by me for not having complimented him on his new purchase.  I decided his brain not evolved enough to where most wouldn’t consider buying a new car out of an inheritance any sort of great accomplishment.

I was on a burn today with showings and listings.  The first listing is an exceptionally large 3 bedroom ranch located in Rolling Acres which is out on the southwest side of our City.  Believe it or not, it has 1,202 square feet on the main floor!  The kitchen is so big, a person could create a laundry closet which would contain a full size washer and dryer without taking any counter or workspace away from the kitchen.

It has a gorgeous stone fireplace in the living room which could be the centerpiece of the room. After looking it over carefully, there’s no question it was custom built for the original owners.  The basement is a blank canvas waiting for someone to create a super-sized man cave.  There’s even room enough down there to have two more bedrooms and a full bath, and still plenty of room left for a rec area.  It does need some cosmetics, but they’ve been factored into the price.  The assessed value on it is over $120,000 but was listed at the bargain basement price of $105,500.  There’s even room to add another stall to the garage if need be.

My last listing of the day is a town lot located at 1106 – 16th St. NE which is close to the Highland Golf Course.  It has some beautiful mature trees on it and located on a dead-end street which affords more privacy.  It would make a perfect site to build one of those growing in popularity mini-homes, or even a seasonal residence.  With all the more of our seniors going South for the winter, it would make a great summer home.  The assessed value on it is $7,500, but we listed it at $5,900 so to get it sold quickly.  Just remember, God only made so much land, so maybe it’s time to buy a little piece of it.  I’m going to take a photo and post it tomorrow.  There’s a gorgeous red oak growing towards the rear and today I noticed three deer eating its acorns.

If you happen to drive by 434 – 23rd SW, please remember it’s much larger on the inside than it appears from the street.  I would be a fun home to make the way you want, instead of pay far more and being forced to live with someone else’s tastes.  The above photo is an exterior shot.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Great talents are the most lovely and often the more dangerous fruits on the tree of humanity, because they hang on the most slender of twigs that can easily be snapped off.

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