Another One on The Way

I’m sure you’ve already guessed what my first job this morning was.  Yes, you’re right, it was back to shoveling.  I don’t know who was doing the measuring when they said we received 7.8″ inches, and by the way that was a record breaker, because I was shoveling more like 8.5″ or more.  Some are now beginning to think that when Spring finally does arrive, we’ll enjoy perhaps a week or two and then move right on into summer.  It’ll be very interesting to see what happens with our weather during our warm months.  I’m getting fearful there’s going to be more raging storms accompanied by those destructive straight-line winds.

Most of my day was filled with dis-appointments with fellow Realtors for not getting back to me when they promised, and a no-show of a rental housing appointment.  One of the most annoying things about real estate is when a prospective buyer or tenant doesn’t show up at a home for an appointment they themselves scheduled.  Any time someone does that to me, it gets filed away in my long-term memory because it’s just plain rude and definitely a character flaw.

I’m pretty much set for a closing I have coming up the end of this week on one of my listings.  Wishfully thinking, I’d be in 7th Heaven if I had a dozen more homes to sell just like it.  The seller is a perfect example of the breed of homeowners who takes exceptional care of their homes to where no matter where you look, everything’s well maintained, neat and tidy, and above all, spotlessly clean.

Some may think it a great feat to keep a home is such condition, but in fact, if one continues to take an active step so to keep ahead of the untidiness, cleanliness, and maintenance on a daily or weekly basis, it really not that hard.  There’s many of you who’ve seen absolutely filthy kitchen sinks, bathtubs, vanity basins, and step-in showers, and immediately think, “How can someone live like this?”  Well, it’s the turning of blind eyes and then slowly growing used to it to the point where they believe it really isn’t so bad.

A well known mentioned over the weekend how crazy it is to see the toilet bowls of many containing black rings at their water lines.  She emphatically asked, “Don’t people know that if they don’t clean their toilet bowls at least once a week, they get like that?”  All I could say was, “They may have known it, but in these times of leisure hours being paramount, household chores get dismissed as being too tedious and time consuming.”  I’m believing all the more that some think the act of cleaning is far below their socio-economic levels.

One of my clients stopped by today for a chat about this and that.  We somehow ended up on our societal tabu subject of religion.  We freely shared out thoughts about the direction religion is moving in our community of faiths.  Up until about 10 years or more ago, our main-line churches seemed to be growing all the more ecumenical to where they’d evolved to become soulfully respectful of each other’s forms of Worship.

It seems in these times, those that have broken away from their “main-line” doctrines, are developing more of this “all about us” mentality to where some are even considering those on the outside of their circles of Faith to be nothing more than apostates. I’m afraid  going to church to worship is out, and being replaced by going there to be religiously “entertained” is in.  I’m glad he and I were on the same page of thought along with hoping we’ll all some day be back on the path of ecumenism.  Excuse me, and correct me if I’m wrong. Don’t we worship the same God?

One of my customers mentioned this afternoon that she heard on the radio there’s another one on the way and should hit some time on Sunday.  I hope it’s not another repeat of yesterday’s snowstorm, because if I have to shovel anymore snow, I’ll soon be referred to as the “Stickman”.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  “All things are delicately interconnected”.

Joe Chodur

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