A Lad Fishing

A Lad FishingThe late arrival of the sun today came at a time to where it turned the mid to late afternoon into a classic early August day.  I think back of years gone by when August was the month when nearly all trees and plants were setting seeds and nuts while the grass started turning brown from the lack of rain. Nearly every summer we encounter the dry spells in and around this time, but with all the rain we’ve received, it looks like the grass will be green up until the time of frost.  The crabgrass has certainly gone crazy with all the rain to where you can almost watch it grow.  I’ve noticed the apple and pear trees in the area covered with ripening fruit.  I really don’t like seeing the fruit from them left to go to waste due to the neglect of their owners.  Anyone in these times wanting to start their own small orchard will find themselves in uphill battles against the deer.  I’ve heard enough people tell stories about how wicked they can be by stripping the branches of their young fruit trees and finding them dead or in their throes come Spring.  I’m sure the tall wire and electric fence manufacturers are doing quite well with their sales these past years due to Iowa’s growing populations of deer, rabbits, and raccoons.  Until further notice, anyone who’s planning flower and vegetable gardens as well as orchards must make sure they’re taking proactive steps to make them safe against the voracious herds.  Someone pointed out several days ago eight new perennial plants that were not cheap but they were exactly what she was looking for as an ornamental in the front of her house.  She said, “Look what they’ve done to my Sedum!”

I looked down and noticed they’d been chewed almost to the ground.  I could see they were starting to come back and said, “At least they’re coming back.”  She angrily snapped back and said, “This is the third time they’ve been eaten down since I planted them this Spring.”  After hearing that, my anger towards the deer was nearly equal to hers.  I would start hunting them if only I could get past the taste of venison, and I’m certainly not going to go to all the work of cutting the meat into small chunks, adding garlic, and pressure canning it.  That’s the absolute only way I’ve been able to eat it comfortably.

It looks like this week is going to be a full one for me as my appointment book is starting to fill.  Last week I was busy with sellers and I believe I’ll be focusing more on buyers these coming days.  I’m hoping a buyer from out of town will like the home I’ll be showing him tomorrow.  I’ve been encouraging him over these months to get himself moved to our fair City.  He drives at least a half hour to his doctor appointments, shopping, and visiting old friends.  He likes to tease me about pushing him to move here by saying I’m just after the commission since he was a salesman a number of years ago.

He’ll be putting me through my paces tomorrow and that’s OK because he really does know deep down that it’s time to move closer.  Since I finished up with my chores earlier than I’d expected, I decided to take an hour or two out of my day and go for a long drive which took me to both Worth and Winnebago Counties.  I made a few stops for photos including one at Rice Lake State Park.  It’s a beautiful area and worth the trip.  The above photo is of a lad fishing from its shores.

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