Two Thirds

Two ThirdsWhile performing a tedious task today my mind was left to simply think about things.  One of the subjects that kept me busy thinking a great deal of time was what created our celebration of the 4th of July.  Since I’d done a considerable amount of reading in my youth, some of the events that took place back when the Americans were fighting the war of Independence, most people don’t realize that the Americans would have likely lost the war if it hadn’t been for France’s support and intervention.  France at the time was looking for its own way to exact revenge on Great Britain for having lost Canada along with other holdings during the French and Indian War which pitted France against Great Britain during those seven years they were in battle.  The game changer at that time was which of the powerful Indian tribes who would align themselves with the British.  The Iroquois and Algonquins sided with the British which gave them an on-the-ground advantage over the French. I still to this day believe it was the indians who created our modern day guerrilla warfare.  They did so in hopes of gaining favors with the British should they help win that war.

As said before, France helped the Americans with supplies in the beginning, but after the American captured one of the British armies, they sat up and took notice of their determination to be free of the British yoke.  France then moved to send troops along with their own fleet of warships.  Supporting the American movement later exacted a great financial toll on the French, but at least they had their revenge on the British after the war was over.  Two other countries that helped with the American war effort were the Netherlands and Spain.  Without any real naval power on their side, the British had to go it alone with the exception of the Prussian mercenaries they hired to fight on land.  Yes, we all must be thankful for the determination of the early Americans for their desire to break away from Great Britain in spite of the many they lives lost. We must also remember to be thankful to the other nations, and especially France for the their great contributions.  I’d encourage everyone to do their own research regarding the American War of Independence. Happy Fourth of July to you all!

For me, this day will always be bittersweet.  It’s the day my dear grandmother died so many years ago.  She was a woman of substance and indeed before her time.  I’ll never forget her saying enough times as she was approaching 90.  She’d announce with a resolute voice, “When I die, I’m going out with a bang.” Can you think of a better day to die when expecting a bang?  A bang she wanted, and fireworks she got.

Since I worked on my personal project longer today than expected, I was at least comfortable with the progress made.  When looking at what has already been done and what’s left to do, I smiled to myself and thought, “You’re at least two thirds finished!” For me, reaching the point of being two thirds or more finished with anything gives me much relief in knowing I’m going to make it the rest of the way.  I’ve seen too many people having lost heart in projects simply because they couldn’t stay focused enough to get even half finished.  I’ve seen some scary projects people have walked away from leaving others to finish.  Everyone must try keep focused on the mindset of two thirds and perhaps then they’ll get them finished.

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