Balance and Counter-balance

Balance and Counter-balance-1In spite of the weather outside, I’m exceptionally happy that come the first of February we’ll be on the downhill slide of winter.  I can’t believe that in just a week’s time we’ll be on the eve of Ground Hog’s Day.  I’m all prepared for a long awaited closing to take place tomorrow and in hope’s it will be another soft landing for everyone involved.  I’m going to miss the sellers whom I’ve grown to really like over these months we’ve known each other.  They’re exceptionally wholesome people who after retiring early, decided to sell all their possessions, buy a motor home, and travel the Western States where they decided to stay at different camp grounds and work for their lodgings.  It’s been about six months since they’ve been out there and they’re loving it.  I told them before they left they certainly have more guts than most of us to embark on a completely different path of life at their age.  After I said that, the husband went on to say, “One of my best friends worked and saved all his life so he could financially enjoy his retirement years.  Not but a year after he retired, he died of a heart attack and never had an opportunity see the world or enjoy the fruits of his labors because he was so determined to save as much as he possibly could for his golden years.  After seeing what happened to him, we decided to jump headfirst into traveling the West and never look back.”  Yes, I’m certainly glad everything has worked out for them and above all, they’re happy.  After I went over their closing costs on the phone the Mrs. asked, “Do you like citrus fruits?”  I said, “You mean oranges or grapefruit?”  She said, “Yes”.  Well, it looks like I’m going to be getting a box of fresh citrus shipped from somewhere out West.  I told them they really didn’t need to bother and she said, “You’ve done way more for us than thought any Realtor would’ve done and you deserve at least a box of fruit from us.”  I thanked them immensely and told them I’d call them after I deposited their proceeds check in their bank.  I wish everyone would work at being just darned nice people as they are.

Thinking about some of the dark experiences I had this past year caused me to remember a situation where some step-family members of a client of mine were demanding to get some things that belonged to one of their deceased relatives out of his basement, but he insisted he never ever wanted to see them again due to many insulting things they’d done to him.  It wasn’t the idea of wanting to keep their junk, but simply not wanting to see them.  I spoke with his family and said, “Just spend the hundred or so bucks and have it hauled to a storage shed for them to come and pick up”.  They seemed agreeable so that’s what happened.  Months later I ran into one of the family members and asked if the step-relatives offered to pay anything for the storage and hauling.  I got a classic look when she said, “Are you kidding me? Those people have been nothing but takers all their lives!”  Yes, like I said yesterday, we have Hiowans living amongst us who’re likely the ones keeping the appearances that all Iowans are loving and giving.  As I’m growing older and find such insults knowingly being levied upon good people, there’s a sort of divine intervention that comes about to where either sooner or later there’s created a balance and counter-balance for those who’ve lived their lives as givers as well as those who’ve done nothing but take. I can’t explain, but it’s out there waiting.

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